My Opinion of Miami Changed After Staying Icon Brickell Airbnb!

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My opinion of Miami changed after staying at an Icon Brickell Airbnb, and I have to admit it. I have never been a fan of staying in Miami. It is crowded, and honestly, I am too old for the party scene. After a day of shopping at Bayside Marketplace, it is getting close to check-in time, so we head over to the Airbnb we booked at Icon Brickell in Miami, Florida. The girls were excited to see the spa that came with the apartment and settle in.

Once we took our luggage up and unpacked we headed to the spa to check out the facilities. There were several hot tubs and then ice cold wading pools to cool off in.

This was a real treat after a hard day of shopping at Bayside Marketplace.

Enjoy the photo tour of Icon Brickell below

Icon Brickell Complex is located in the Brickell Financial District and is located on the south side of the Miami River, in Downtown Miami and the Biscayne Bay.

Valet and reception services assist you with unloading and getting to your room. There is a spa for everyone’s use and an additional pool that you have to pay an additional fee to access depending on who you rent from. We were fine with just using the spa.

Lobby at Icon Brickell
Our View
The apartment
The Spa @ Icon Brickell

Under the building in the parking area, you will find columns statues that have eyes that follow you just like on Easter Island. These columns were reported to cost more than $5 million dollars to construct.

Easter Island sculptures in the parking areas
The artist’s signature

Next, we went to a Mexican Restaurant, Cantina La Veinte. Located on the waterfront at Icon Brickell. The food and service was excellent! After dinner we were able to walk right home to our apartment.

Yellow Beet Appetizer in Avacado puree!
Shrimp Soup

  Icon Brickell Night Scenes

Night View in Brickell, Miami
Waterfront at Icon Brickell Miami Fl


Brickell Miami

If you stayed at Icon Brickell let me know about your experience in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

Check out South Beach next!

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36 responses to “My Opinion of Miami Changed After Staying Icon Brickell Airbnb!”

  1. Lisa Manderino Avatar
    Lisa Manderino

    I have not been to Miami before but this looks like a great place to stay!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I love Miami and now that I have discovered Brickell I love that neighborhood!

  2. Susan Avatar

    I have never been a fan of staying in Miami, but this changed my mind. I think I’ll look at it differently now!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It really is a nice city!

  3. Gennel zimmerman Avatar
    Gennel zimmerman

    Good tips. Thanks for your insights.

  4. Shanna Avatar

    I love your pictures! They give such a real sense of your trip.

  5. Kat Avatar

    Looks like a really cool place to stay! So fancy!

  6. Tina Avatar

    Love the fireplace in the lobby as well as all the other pics as well! Looks like a great place to visit.

  7. Kesha Avatar

    Miami is such an exciting city. It’s great that you had a great airbnb experience. My coworkers just recently had a bad experience but she also didn’t check the reviews on the place.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Yes we definitely check the reviews and it has to be a super seller, I think that is the term.

  8. Heidi Avatar

    Such beautiful views!

  9. Kristi Ann Avatar

    gorgeous pictures! We love staying in Airbnb rentals. There are some really cool options!

  10. Monica Avatar

    Spa and apartment! Sign me up 🙂

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Exactly! We were there every night enjoying the hot tub!

  11. T.M. Brown Avatar

    Great photos! You had quite the view and that food looks good. Hope you enjoyed your stay!!

  12. Tonya Denmark Avatar

    I’ve lived in Florida a long time and still have yet to explore much of Miami! I know there’s a ton to do there!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I was really surprised. I usually only go to South Beach for a girls night. It was really nice to get to see the rest of Miami.

  13. Naomi Avatar

    Love the pictures! I never stayed in an Airbnb this make me want to give it a try.

  14. Janine Avatar

    Looks like a very relaxing place to visit! And the food looks delish.

  15. Vessy Avatar

    Oh, these photos are awesome! What a fun trip! ❤️

  16. Christa Avatar

    Such a bright, beautiful space! Also, pa?! That sounds perfect.

  17. Dawnmarie Avatar

    With Airbnb, you do not alwaus know what yoi are going to get. It looks like you wound up with a lovely place to stay!

  18. Erin Avatar

    I’ve never stayed there, but it looks gorgeous!

  19. Evelyn Hernandez Avatar
    Evelyn Hernandez

    I have stayed in Brickell and dine in the area frequently. It is amazing how much it has grown these past few years.

  20. Michele Vadnais Avatar

    Beautiful pictures! It looks like a lovely trip.

  21. Ina @ Crafty For Home Avatar

    A city feel, and the night view is amazing, great place!

  22. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm Avatar

    Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful place to stay.

  23. Missy Avatar

    We have not been to Brickell. Looks like a nice place to visit.

  24. alison netzer Avatar
    alison netzer

    Oh that looks like a fun place to visit. I actually have never been to Miami. Your information is great.

  25. Tiffany Avatar

    Oooh. I love the night photos! <3 And I am a sucker for good food photos. I just really love photo tours! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Ashley Reese Avatar

    I’ve actually stayed in the apartment side with an AirBnB twice before! I had a competition in Miami and I ended up staying there for both years that I competed. It was a really nice place and a super convenient location! It looks like you had a nice stay!

  27. Jess Avatar

    So beautiful! I’ve never been to Miami, but it’s always been on the list – these are great ideas!

  28. Jocelyn Avatar

    Beautiful Airbnb! Looks like a very nice trip. I’ve never been to Brickell, but now I’m going to give it a look!

  29. Sheila Avatar

    Looks like it was a great Airbnb! Great photos of the city!

  30. Pam Avatar

    That looks amazing! I love a good city visit!

  31. Laura Avatar

    Such great pictures! Looks like it was a really nice place to stay!

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