Fourth of July in Massapequa, New York

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Massapequa, NY is a village in the town of Oyster Bay and Nassau County, NY. The village is located on the south shore of Long Island. It is in close proximity to New York City and Fire Island. I have passed through Massapequa before going to Fire Island but never stayed. Excited to go see our friends Jeff and Kelle who invited us up for the Fourth of July in Massapequa, New York, the plan was to visit Fire Island, take the boat out and visit the wineries of Long Island.

We get up there and our friends picked us up at JFK and took us to an Italian restaurant for dinner. AMAZING! You just won’t find Italian food like this in Florida….. at least where I live. The portions were huge and cooked to perfection. My piece of veal was more than half of my plate! This trip was before my blog was started so unfortunately I have no pics of the food!

Our First Morning in Massapequa!

We settle in and go to bed. I wake up and head to the back patio to enjoy the water. They live on a canal and there were beautiful swans with their babies everywhere I looked. The mornings are cool and quiet. Every morning their oldest boy would ride his bike to a local bakery to get us a hot breakfast. Long Island was not at all like I imagined and exactly what I needed escaping from the Florida heat!

Every morning I got to hang out with my buddy Hudson, sit by the water and check out the swans.


The Massapequa Parade!

I love this little town! Massapequa reminds me of my childhood! Growing up in the northeast we had the same type of Fourt of July parade with all of the kids on their bikes. Americana at its best. I don’t know if it is just too hot in Florida but many northerners who move here say we do not celebrate the way that they do up north. I loved how the individual neighborhoods came together so the kids could participate.

We sat on our lawn chairs and enjoyed the show while families celebrated the Fourth of July by participating in the parade! Everyone paraded down the road with their kid’s bikes and wagons. Then the Massapequa Fire Department brought a fire truck and had the sirens and lights blaring.

The Fourth of July Fireworks at Biltmore Beach Club, Massapequa, NY

Living by the bay in Massapequa and having a boat allowed us to be able to take the party to the boat and celebrate the Fourth of July while on the water. We packed up our picnic basket with some wine and headed out to the cove. As we went down the canal every house in Massapequa had a party with friends and family to enjoy the holiday.

Biltmore Beach Club
Biltmore Beach Club

The Cove at Biltmore Beach Club
Biltmore Beach Club
Massapequa Neighborhood Fireworks

Their community was impressive. Everyone is so friendly and the neighbors spend a ton of money on fire works. One reported that he spent over $60,000 that year. We piled all of the kids into the boat and made our way to the cove in front of Biltmore Beach Club and waited for the show to begin.

Neighbors were in a competition of who had the best show. Surrounded by fireworks from every angle made it comparable if not better than any municipal display. Behind us in the distance Fire Island had their own show which we could see while watching the Fourth of July show in Massapequa.

If you go to Long Island try to fly into Islip. JFK is generally a nightmare. There are great homes for rent all over Long Island on the home rental sites like Airbnb.

There is a huge sense of community and they love to celebrate. Fourth of July is a great time to visit. The weather is perfect and the people really get into the spirit of the holiday.

Click here to see Fire Island and the rest of our trip!

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49 responses to “Fourth of July in Massapequa, New York”

  1. T.M. Brown Avatar

    What a spectacular trip you took! I do agree, though. I grew up in New England and we lived there for awhile recently. Moving to Florida, the Fourth of July is just different. The sense of community isn’t there as much as it had been up north. BUT ~ I don’t miss winters for anything. LOL!! So glad you enjoyed being up there during that time of year.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I agree! I just like to visit!

  2. Amanda Avatar

    That looks like an amazing place to escape to. I love that you got to watch the fireworks from a boat! So cool!

  3. Shirley Avatar

    There’s a Biltmore Beach Club in Ney York? Sweet!

  4. Tracy @ Cleland Clan Avatar

    July 4th definitely seems like more fun in a small town, especially one that’s cooler than Florida. The bike parade was cute!

  5. Amanda Avatar

    I love the idea of a small town celebration like this. It seems they’re hard to find these days!

  6. Victoria Avatar

    I love when communities are so welcoming! Looks beautiful!

  7. Jordin Avatar

    What a lovely time in a small town! I would love to watch fireworks from the water one day!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      No mosquitos on the water!

  8. Jessica Avatar

    I love town celebrations at fourth of July time! This looked like a great trip

  9. Tammie Reinhart Avatar
    Tammie Reinhart

    Looks like you had a great time! I just love a good parade!

  10. Heather Avatar

    This reminds me of growing up in New England – small town parades and fireworks. It looks like a great place to be in the summer.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Me too. I am originally from Jersey and it had a similar feel. We do not have that in FL so it was a treat to go up there.

  11. Michele Avatar

    I love fireworks especially over the water! Great pictures!

  12. Janine Avatar

    I love watching fireworks over the water. There is something so magical about having the reflection below.

  13. Dominique Avatar

    Seems like such a quaint place to live. But $60,000 on fireworks…wow!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I know. They are competing against each other. Their waste, my entertainment! lol

  14. Lisa Wells Avatar

    Looks like a fun place to visit and an awesome place to live!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Yes, it is! Are you from or have you lived there?

  15. jen Avatar

    This post makes me happy! Good ol down home All American fun! YAY!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It really was like when I was a kid. I just did not have my bike with a banana seat! lol

  16. Lara Avatar

    What a great trip!

  17. Gail Avatar

    Like a great place to spend the Fourth of July.

  18. Missy Avatar

    We enjoy viewing fireworks. The town looks like a fun place to visit.

  19. Jennifer|Me and My Traveling Hat Avatar

    When I was a young child we would go to Long Island to visit my cousins, and aunt and uncle. I never made it as far out as you did but it looks like you had a great time. I love the towns that have the small parades like that, sometimes I long for small places like that one.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Reminded me of my childhood in NJ too!

  20. Julie Avatar

    Reminds me of small town 4th of July camping in Michigan.

  21. Erin Avatar

    This place looks absolutely amazing! Looks like a great time!

  22. Stephanie | Avatar

    This looks so lovely, I’m glad you got to enjoy a great 4th of July 🙂

  23. Janine Avatar

    I love a good firework show, but wow, $60,000? That’s impressive.

  24. Tiffany Avatar

    Oh, how very fun this sounds! I love the cozy town feel and the friendliness. Perhaps we will spend next 4th of July this way.

  25. Katie Graves Avatar
    Katie Graves

    Looks like you all had an amazing time – definitely adding this to my list!

  26. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm Avatar

    Looks like a fun getaway! Vacations are always better when you get to visit friends.

  27. Brooke Avatar

    This looks like a ton of fun! Long Island looks beautiful.

  28. Pwhyte Avatar

    What a wonderful post! Love the parade!

  29. Tonya Denmark Avatar

    Hometown parades and time spend with friends is the best!

  30. Missy Avatar

    Looks like a great place. I liked the bike race for kids.

  31. alison netzer Avatar
    alison netzer

    What a great place to live and raise a kid. I love small towns that put so much time into celebrations. We go to a small town on the Delaware beach that has this type of celebration and it is so nice, so I imagine your experience was a great one.

  32. Pam Avatar

    Looks like a lovely day! I’ve never visited this area even though we lived in NY for a year, so I’ll have to add it to my list!

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