When You are Over 50 You Should Go to South Beach in the Morning

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After eating a ridiculous amount of food at LaVeinte we needed to do some walking. The next morning we headed to South Beach!

Usually, South Beach was reserved for girls trips during my 20’s for bachelorette parties. It has been a long time since I have been into that scene. It was nice to be able to see the streets during the day instead of being huddled up by the pool after a night out.

There was a lot to experience including shopping, great bakeries and coffee.

The streets were virtually empty at 10 AM. By noon the streets were much busier with tourists walking the streets to go shopping and view the uniqueness of the architecture in South Beach.

This is why South Beach in the morning is perfect.

Fresh coffee, gorgeous pastry, while the town is just waking up with little foot traffic. The best part?

It is not blazing hot yet!


Enjoy our photo tour of South Beach!

Espanola Way and Havana 1957



Andrix Cafe Pastry Offerings


I think I remember this building from Scarface!


South Beach Miami


Ocean Drive

The Betsy







The Delano and other great hotels! 




The Delano is amazing inside. If you ever get the chance take a stroll through. This was my favorite place to hang out in the 90’s! 

Delano Entrance


Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach




South Beach was nice in the morning. There were very few people out but the shop owners were busy getting ready for their day. Let me know about your experiences there in the comments!

Be sure to check out where we stayed in Brickell!

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42 responses to “When You are Over 50 You Should Go to South Beach in the Morning”

  1. Jess Knowlton Avatar
    Jess Knowlton

    This looks like really the perfect place for coffee in the morning. Looks so European!

  2. Gail Avatar

    I agree, South Beach is much more than clubbing into the early morning… although there is that too lol

  3. Jenny Avatar

    I have just started to venture out by myself in the mornings before everyone wakes up with their demands. It is so true, so much to see and it is so much prettier before all of the people arrive. The lighting for the pictures is fantastic as well and yours are great. I am headed to 50 in 6 months, so I totally get wanting to see things without the crowds. Love this post.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thank you so much! I appreciate the encouragement! 🙂

  4. Laura G Avatar

    I just love the title of this article!!! 🙂 Your pictures are beautiful! I’m 30 and still think I should visit in the morning. Nothing like those beautiful streets and amazing beach to ourselves!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It’s funny …. many of my followers are under 50! I love it!

  5. T.M. Brown Avatar

    Looks like a great way to start the day! Lots to see, delicious pastries to try….great shots to photograph!

  6. Tracy Avatar

    Morning seems like a great time to beat the crowds. Loved your photos!

  7. April Avatar

    It’s funny you mention bachelorette trips. I just went to one there. It looks much different during the daytime. Thanks for the photo tour!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It most certainly does! How funny is that!

  8. Kathryn at QuestFor47.com Avatar

    The architecture there is beautiful! Your pictures are amazing!

  9. Kathy Avatar

    This sounds like so much fun. Love the pictures.

  10. Marianne Blackham Avatar

    I love South Beach. What a great post.

  11. Jen Avatar

    Great tips and pictures. I love south beach!

  12. Christa Avatar

    I love exploring places during the early hours. I haven’t been tonsouth beach in years. These pics are great!

  13. Ashley Reese Avatar

    South Beach looks like so much fun! The ocean looks so pretty!

  14. Amanda Avatar

    I just went to Miami in May and it was amazing!

  15. Deanna Avatar

    LOVE your post! Such an interesting display of art deco architecture in South Beach.

  16. Kelle Avatar

    What a beautiful city! I’m adding it to my list !

  17. Nina Avatar

    Beautiful photos! And Miami in the morning is definitely a great experience, I miss south Florida when I see pictures like this!

  18. Shar Avatar

    South beach looks beautiful but I may not be cool enough haha. I’d love to visit someday 🙂

  19. Tonya Denmark Avatar

    This gives me a reason to go! Even though I live in Florida, I’ve yet to experience South Beach and Miami.

  20. Janine Avatar

    Looks beautiful! I would love to take a morning stroll there. The water is so gorgeous!

  21. Annick Avatar

    I’ve never been to South Beach. I also associate it with bachelorette parties. Glad to know there’s an early morning crowd!

  22. Maria Avatar

    I lov d the pictures and I love South Beach

  23. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm Avatar

    Amazing pictures! I’m not over 50, but I much prefer going places when crowds are lighter.

  24. Arianny Rodriguez Avatar

    A 10am start works for me! Looks like you get most of it to yourself. Great tip!

  25. Shirley Avatar

    Beautiful! I love all the minty green color everywhere.

  26. alison netzer Avatar
    alison netzer

    I did the South Beach trip in my 20’s and definitely did not appreciate it like I would today. Yes I would hit the beach in the morning for sure and enjoy what it offers. Great pics

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was looking at it through a different lens for sure.

  27. Holly Avatar

    Wow this is a great post!! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Brandi Avatar

    Definitely putting this on my travel list shall I ever make it out that way. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Katie Graves Avatar
    Katie Graves

    What great photos! Miami looks so relaxing in the morning

  30. Dawnmarie Avatar

    I like seeing a place where palm trees are the norm. We have more pines trees up here, and it is a treat to see something different sometimes.

  31. Missy Avatar

    South Beach looks lovely. The beach looked very inviting.

  32. Kirsten Avatar

    It’s really a wonderful feeling when you can visit a popular spot like that when it’s not crowded. You get a change to see things you would have never noticed before.

  33. Pam Avatar

    I love this! As an early riser, I’d be right there with you walking the streets enjoying a delicious cup of coffee!

  34. Lynnette Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to visit South Beach, I’m just not that “hip”. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things to see and do in the morning.

  35. Tiffany Avatar

    South Beach looks so hip! It would be fun to have a day trip during our next visit.

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