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Bo is our newest family member coming to us from a local breeder who decided to get out of the business. All she told me was, ‘He is a love but I am glad you have training experience!”

He is 2.5 years old and a real piece of work! He came to us in May of 2018 completely untrained. He was a stud living on a 5 AC farm and had complete control of every decision he made which makes for a very naughty GSD. He was bred to have a strong prey drive and we discovered this prey drive when he would chase our poor little bunny rescue we had been raising since it was a baby.

So off to the trainer he went! Yes, I have training experience …….. at the intermediate level. This dog was taking a little while to turn around and I needed some serious help!

Post-training Update!

When Bo returned from the trainer he would politely sneak into the office on occasion to visit with the bunny but the improvement was remarkable. No longer did I have to wrangle him to the ground to keep him from barking and running around the bunnies cage.

I will never completely trust Bo around small, prey type animals but he is as polite and well mannered as any German Shepherd will be and I believe he will continue to improve with time and consistent leadership from his pack (us). We continue to work on his training daily to make sure he stays this way.

I have quickly realized what a talented and athletic boy we have brought into the family. He has lightning fast reflexes when he is not being lazy on the couch! His favorite things to do? Play catch with the tennis ball, then throw it back to you and then Tracking. He loves to hunt for Kibble or his toys that somehow magically end up under the sofa. He will find it!


So far we have taken Bo to Tennessee and Georgia. We were able to find a couple of restaurants in Georgia that were pet-friendly. Basically what you will look for is outdoor seating. Most places will offer a dog bowl for water and a shady spot with an umbrella. We also stayed at Sunburst Stables because they are pet-friendly. As a landlord, I know this gives you an edge over your competitors and can command a higher rent because of pet-friendly accommodations. The trade-off in the vacation rental space is that you are not having to pay for boarding or a pet sitter to come to your home.

Here are some photos of the places we were able to bring Bo for our summer trips!

Sunburst Stables Cabin


Armadillo Grill in Blairsville GA


Chophouse Lake Burton, Clarksville, GA


LaPrada Marina Deck, Lake Burton, Clarksville, GA
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38 responses to “All About Bo!”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Oh my goodness he is so beautiful! I hope his training goes well!

  2. Kathryn at Avatar

    Glad Bo’s taking to the training! It can be quite the process!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Fortunately, they are quick learners!

  3. Marianne Blackham Avatar

    What a helpful post for pet owners.

  4. T.M. Brown Avatar

    What an adorable German Shepherd. Yes, they can be handfuls when they are young, but the biggest loves, as well. Glad things worked out between him and the bunny – lol.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thank you! Consistent leadership has been key but he is obsessed with us now and listening much better!

  5. Naomi Avatar

    Bo is a handsome dog, we had a German shepherd mix with something but Bo reminds me of Snoop. Good luck with training.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      They have great qualities!

  6. Christa Avatar

    What an absolutely beautiful dog! My dog is as big as Bo’s snout, lol, but he’s my constant companion

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Yes I wanted a smaller dog but my husband would only look interested when I showed him Shepherd’s lol. He likes his big dogs!

  7. Katie Avatar

    what a well traveled dog! he’s so cute

  8. Deanna Avatar

    Bo seems like a wonderfully behaved dog. Pet friendly accommodations are so great, love not having to deal with the boarders.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      He has to go back to the trainer which is even more expensive but gives us peace of mind! Taking him with us saves a ton of money.

  9. Janine Avatar

    Such a cute dog! We had a German Shepard for awhile and she was such a sweetie.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      They are definitely dedicated to their owners!

  10. Arianny Rodriguez Avatar

    He is just gorgeous! Enjoy him.

  11. Gail Garro Avatar
    Gail Garro

    Dogs are great additions to the family. I always had one growing up, but now we don’t because my son is allergic. I know there are some hypoallergenic dogs but not in love with any. Maybe one day though

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Check out the Schnauzer or Schnoodle! Comes in all different sizes and are a working breed like the Shepherd! That was what I wanted for the no hair factor. But my husband still wanted a shepherd. Since he does all the vacuuming! (Never!) lol

  12. Vessy Avatar

    Oh, how I love reading about dogs, and Bo is just such a handsome, smart boy!…Glad the bunny is OK! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Jocelyn Avatar

    He is a beautiful dog! That’s fun that you include him on your adventures. My kids are begging me for a dog more and more everyday!

    1. Tricia Avatar

      It definitely teaches them responsibility even though it really falls on you. 🙂

  14. Shar Avatar

    Awe so cute! It’s so exciting to welcome a new dog to the family 🙂

    1. Tricia Avatar

      It was a lot more work then I remembered when I was younger. But we are enjoying him immensely!

  15. Tiffany Avatar

    Bo is so sweet and innocent looking. I can hardly believe he needed all that training. :0D I am glad that your family was diligent with him. And SO glad to hear of some animal friendly accommodations and restaurants! We are animal lovers!!

    1. Tricia Avatar

      Haha! Yes, it takes consistent leadership!

  16. Dee Avatar

    Bo is so cute! I hope the training is going well.

  17. Allison Avatar

    What a beautiful boy! I bet with his training he will be the perfect addition to your household. It’s great that you were able to send him to intense training- it’s a lot to handle!

  18. Shirley Avatar

    Professional training can be a lifesaver, literally. I’m glad Bo has made a happy place in your family.

  19. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm Avatar

    He is such a beautiful dog! That’s great that there are so many places that accommodate pets.

  20. Pam Avatar

    What a cutie. We take our pup with us whenever we can – I’ve found many restaurants that are totally fine with dogs as long as they are well behaved and sit under the table on an outside deck or patio.

  21. Pam Avatar

    He is beautiful! Hope the training is going well – it can be exhausting!

  22. Cathy Avatar

    I. Love that you are including your dog in your blog and travel experiences! I am writing a post later today on our dogs and our rescues. Bo is a beautiful boy and I’m sure that he will become the well behaved GSD you are hoping for!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      He has come so far! Thank you so much for rescuing your babies!

  23. Dawnmarie Avatar

    Oh, Dear. Did Bo get your bunny? Is your bunny okay? Hopefully Bo is doing well with his training!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Bo now lays near the bunny with no issues. He is really coming along with his training. Thank you so much for asking!

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