The Chophouse Lake Burton

The Chophouse at LaPrade’s Lake Burton Review

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The Chophouse was originally started as a fish camp with cabins in 1925. The property offered the cabins for visitors to the lake and a restaurant for the visitors staying there. Once Chef James Reaux took over in 2011 it has become the Chophouse we know today serving steaks and fresh seafood with a southern flair.

Located On Lake Burton at LaPrade’s Marina

The Chophouse’s location is at the edge of Lake Burton at LaPrade’s marina in Clarkesville, GA which is just minutes from Helen, GA. It is an American restaurant serving favorites like prime rib, steaks and fresh fish and seafood.

During the summer you would see it packed with patrons when we would take a drive around the lakes. We always wanted to go but because we had evacuated we also had to bring our food from home in case of a power outage and we did not want to haul it home so we rarely eat out.

We pull into the driveway to see if the restaurant downstairs is open because it seems more casual. There are picnic tables by the lake and often times restaurants will let you have pets outside.

Jack gets out of the truck and walks around to see if he can get in but everything was locked up. I kept pointing for him to go upstairs! Jack was skeptical if we would be able to bring Bo with us upstairs. I decided to go and see.

Georgia is the most pet-friendly state we have ever traveled to and I was hoping they would allow us to bring Bo.

Hawg Wild BBQ under Chophouse

Below the Chophouse is another restaurant that offers private dining and catering called Hawg Wild BBQ. They offer happy hour and live entertainment.

I climb the stairs there is a huge open area with people dining. I am hoping this might happen! As I approached the smiling hostess and inquired about pets. “Of course we allow pets. We even have dog bowls for them!” Perfect! I signal to Jack and he gets Bo out of the truck and they head up the stairs.

The Chophouse Lake Burton

Stunning Views of Lake Burton

The hostess seats us overlooking the lake. You have views of Lake Burton surrounding the restaurant and the decor is that of a high-end log cabin with huge logs, a high ceiling and massive stone fireplace.

We settled in a looked over the menu while Bo drank his water.

There is inside dining which is more formal. I love to outdoors and of course we had the dog so the porch was the perfect spot for us.

Chophouse Rustic Log Ceiling
Ferns surround the deck
Chophouse Fireplace
Fireplace at Chophouse Lake Burton
Chophouse Bar
Bar area Chophouse Lake Burton
Bo the German Shepherd at Chophouse Lake Burton

The Experience at The Chophouse

We looked over the menu options and decided to share an appetizer, an entree and dessert. We started with the mozzarella pops which were pretty cool.

Mozzarella pops at Chophouse Lake Burton

While we were eating our appetizer the manager came over to check on us. I love it! It shows a commitment to customer service. Having been in the restaurant business and retail customer service industries I appreciated her attention. I noticed she did this with every table making sure everyone had a good experience.

After the pops we ordered the prime rib. It came out rare, as ordered, with mashed potatoes and ratatouille.

Prime rib with Yukon Gold Mashed potatoes at Chophouse Lake Burton

Next on the menu was dessert and we ordered the Creme Brulee, recommended by the server served with a side of caramel, chocolate and whipped cream. The presentation was beautiful!

Creme Brulee @ Chophouse Lake Burton
Creme Brulee Chophouse Lake Burton

We were absolutely stuffed! Everything was cooked to perfection and the service was delightful at The Chophouse!

Getting to Know the Staff at The Chophouse

The manager stopped by the table to check on us again. I finally confessed that we were looking for pet-friendly spots to write about for our followers. In chatting with her we discovered that her daughter had worked for Sunburst, where we were staying, and she was a Florida native. This is a very close-knit community!

The Chophouse offers a kids menu, live entertainment, Sunday Brunch and other events you can check out on their calendar.

We had a wonderful time at The Chophouse at LaPrade’s overlooking Lake Burton! Anytime you are in the area make sure you stop by for a bite with your pet. They will be ready for you!

More scenery from The Chophouse!

LaPrades Marina Lake Burton
Boat on Lake Burton LaPrade’s Marina

The boats pull in and dock at the marina with friends and family looking to have dinner at the Chophouse.

Lake Burton LaPrade's Marina
Bo checking out the fish in Lake Burton
Lake Burton
The fish Bo was checking out
View from Chophouse Lake Burton
Lake Burton at Sundown

You can find more info about The Chophouse at LaPrade’s on Lake Burton on their website! I suggest you always want to call to get the current hours and specials. You will not be disappointed when you do!

Chophouse Contact Info:

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90 responses to “The Chophouse at LaPrade’s Lake Burton Review”

  1. kmf Avatar

    What a lovely place to dine (the mozz pops look pretty fabulous) and love they are dog-friendly.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I loved the Chophouse pops! My husband is a mozzarella stick expert! lol

  2. Cindy Avatar

    What a gorgeous place! The food looks delicious!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      The Chophouse is known for its chef!

  3. Eva Keller Avatar
    Eva Keller

    This looks like a great place! The food looks good and the scenery is great!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      The view is amazing! And being high up you get awesome breezes!

  4. Cindy Moore Avatar
    Cindy Moore

    What a fantastic place to eat! So special that they allow dogs.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      We were pretty excited. He has anxiety in new places so it is just easier to take him with us.

  5. Barbara Avatar

    Everything looked great and the setting is gorgeous!

  6. Sara Avatar

    What an amazing place to eat – beautiful views, amazing looking food, and they let your dog come in!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That was the best part!

  7. Jennifer Avatar

    Looks like a cool place to eat. And, you can take Bo in with you.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      More reasons to go up there!

  8. Missy Avatar

    I love fresh seafood! It is great that they allow pets and they have bowls for them too. So cute.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Yes we were glad to find a nice restaurant that allows pets!

  9. Carey Avatar

    I have lived in Georgia for over 30 years and have yet to visit the Chop House or Helen. Your trip sounds amazing!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Wow! You need to get up there. You will love it. It is my second favorite place to be after FL.

  10. Lisa Manderino Avatar
    Lisa Manderino

    That food looks amazing! That is awesome your dog could come along and join in the fun!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      We had a great time!

  11. Stacey Billingsley Avatar
    Stacey Billingsley

    What a beautiful place to eat, and the food looks delicious! I’d love to give it a try. It’s great to know they are pet friendly, too!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Bo has a hard time with anxiety so we were so happy to find this.

  12. Pam Avatar

    The food looks delicious and like you, I always prefer to eat outside!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      The views were amazing!

  13. melissa Avatar

    Looks like a great place to eat; the fact that they allow dogs makes it even better! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Bo was happy! Thank you!

  14. Jordan Avatar

    I’m from Georgia and love Helen! I’ve never been to the Chophouse, but it looks delicious. And I always love seeing pets allowed at restaurants. It always makes more experience more enjoyable to see the cute pups!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I am glad more people are okay with it. I understand when people don’t like it and I respect that as well. GA is the most pet friendly state I have ever been to.

  15. Shirley Avatar

    That food! It all looks super delicious and I’m glad Bo was able to go too.

  16. Shanna Avatar

    This looks lovely! and i just love lake restaurants!

  17. Dana Avatar

    This place looks amazing! I also love how pet friendly they are 🙂

  18. T.M. Brown Avatar

    We go to Georgia often, so I am going to have to do some research on this place. It looks like a gorgeous setting and a fabulous place to eat.

  19. Dennis Avatar

    Sounds like a great place to visit!

  20. Mary Avatar

    This place looks amazing, and I trust you if you say it’s good food, too! Thanks for a great post!

  21. Laura Avatar

    Looks like such a great place! Loved all the pictures! Great post!

  22. Jennifer Avatar

    This looks like such a lovely way to spend an afternoon! And the food looks great too. I have not been to this area but would to go there.

  23. Judean Avatar

    This is my kind of place – love the look and the food looks amazing. I shared this with my friends in Georgia!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thank you for sharing!

  24. Jordin Avatar

    Beautiful place for lunch. My own Bo (4 year old Golden Rottie) and I would love to eat here! I love dog friendly places!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I would love to see a pic of your Bo!

  25. Kathy Phillips Avatar

    This place is so beautiful! I love the old rustic look. Wow, the pictures of the food look so delicious. It is making me hungry. And I love toe ‘Bo approved’. Thanks for sharing a place where animals are welcome.

  26. Tracy @ Cleland Clan Avatar

    The fireplace is beautiful. I can imagine how cozy it is in the winter. I’m glad you found a place where your dog was welcome–sometimes that’s difficult.

  27. Shirley Avatar

    I love it when resaturants with outdoor seating allows pets! I lived in Georgia for 25 years yet never visited Lake Burton but clearly I need to. I love your idea of sharing an entree when ordering appetizers and dessert!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That way we get to try it all!

  28. Janine Avatar

    I love eating at places with a view. And those mozzarella pops look amazing!

  29. Tricia Avatar

    Wow! this place looks anazing! Beautiful photos! and you dog looks to like it too! I’d love to visit here one day so adding to my wish list! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Gail Avatar

    What beautiful views… makes dinner that much more enjoyable

  31. Trisha Avatar

    The food looked amazing! Not to forget about the lake views also! Looks like a great place to eat.

  32. Katie Avatar

    This place looks beautiful! I love it when manager’s come around to check on you at restaurants. Like you said, it shows they actually care!

  33. Nicki Avatar

    This place is beautiful! The food looks so yummy too!!!

  34. kat arriagaa Avatar
    kat arriagaa

    That prime rib though. Looks like a wonderful place to have a meal.

  35. Tiffany Avatar

    Loving the atmosphere here and would LOVE to try the dessert!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That was the best part! Well, almost. It was all pretty great!

  36. Susan Franklin Avatar

    Wow, I love the setting and scenery – so green and beautiful. I would love to enjoy dinner there. The food looked as amazing as you described. Not sure we’ll make it to Georgia, although I’d love to visit the South sometime!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      There is nothing like the south. The people and the views are amazing!

  37. Heather Avatar

    The food looks delicious and the atmosphere is beautiful!!!

  38. Arianny Rodriguez Avatar

    looks like a great relaxing place!

    1. Tricia Avatar

      I must admit, I was totally relaxed!

  39. Missy Avatar

    The food looks delicious. Bo finds the best places with a view. 🙂

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      He sure does! Much better than staying with a pet sitter!

  40. janice sisemore Avatar

    Looks like a interesting place

  41. Pauline Avatar

    This looks fun. The whole place looks so beautiful and I love that they are pet friendly.

  42. Tracy Foster Avatar

    What a beautiful place to visit and as I sit here cold, I can’t help but notice how warm it looks!!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Lol, not today! This was last summer!

  43. Tanya Avatar

    I love enjoying a nice meal along the water! That’s vacation to me!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Such a great vacation spot. I feel completely cut off from the world there and that is why I call it my soul spot!

  44. Ivy|livin the life of ivy Avatar

    The food looks great, yummy! I love places that are pet friendly, we don’t have many of them.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Usually, restaurants with outdoor seating will accommodate them down here. It has become a bit of a trend!

  45. Amber Dunn Avatar

    Love pet friendly food places!

  46. Julie Avatar

    I love living in Florida, but this is a view I could wake up to every day!!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It is a nice change! A little more green and a lot cooler in the summer!

  47. Carol Whitmire Avatar

    This place looks interesting! We’re going to Atlanta next week. I’ll have to see if we can fit in some time to go here.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It is just north of Atlanta …. about 1.5 hours. I think they are closed in the winter though. But the mountains are still amazing!

  48. jen Avatar

    Great photos as always. I LOVE the mozzarella pops! How cute and yummy are those??

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Awwww …. thank you Jen!

  49. Pam Avatar

    Your pictures are amazing! This looks like a place I would love to enjoy a meal at. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Lara Avatar

    Yum, this made me hungry. Looks wonderful! Glad it is Bo approved!

  51. Meagan Avatar

    Looks so beautiful! The food looks delicious too!

  52. Donna Lynn Starling Avatar

    Looks like a very relaxing and enjoyable place.

  53. Jenny Avatar

    I love the Bo Approved logo. So many people will love that. He may need his own dog with a blog! This place looks heavenly. My husband’s favorite is creme brûlée. And mine is prime rib, so this looks like the purcect place for us. We will have to see if it’s Razor Approved!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      My husband actually came up with “Bo Approved” at this restaurant! We need to get more with Bo in the article.

  54. Becki Svare Avatar

    What a fabulous place to eat! That creme brulee’ looks divine!!

  55. Michele Avatar

    We visited this place for the first time this past summer and loved it!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Oh wow, that is so cool!

  56. Cynthia Mackintosh Avatar

    This place looks so rustic! I would love to try this place out next time we’re in GA.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Let me know how it goes!

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