Toston Burger and a cold Pepsi in Pinchos

A Review of Pincho’s Toston Burger! A South Florida Restaurant

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This is how I found Pincho’s Toston Burger. One evening I was on Facebook and I saw this video with a new burger floating around on my news feed.  It was essentially a burger in between two plantain patties that were smashed and then seasoned and fried and it was called a Toston Burger from a restaurant called Pincho. There was a special secret sauce and I am not sure what captivated me, but I had to try a burger from Pincho!

I updated this article to reflect the new name Pincho. They are no longer calling themselves, Pincho Factory.

As I headed to Miami with my friends I told this was a must for our trip. It was not negotiable! I had to find Pincho and try the Toston Burger.

Here is a video about Pincho Factory from Pincho Factory!

As you can see they have unique foods with both a Middle Eastern and South Florida influence.

Getting There

We are at Bayside and we start asking around to see if Pincho Factory is nearby. Someone mentions we can take the Metromover, which is a free tram just a few blocks away and keep our car parked at Bayside which is far less expensive than where the restaurant is. Locals instructed us to get on the Brickell Loop for a much easier time.

I love this tram. It takes you on a loop all throughout the Brickell Financial District and it is totally free. We hop on and pull up our GPS so we can see where to get off the tram.

Miami Tram
Miami Tram

I am so glad we walked to the tram. Once off the tram, we were in a pretty cool neighborhood that we probably would have never seen. I love architecture and Miami is full of beautiful buildings and scenery. I do not think I have been in a cleaner metropolitan city. The people in Miami are happier as well. All of the bright colors and sunshine keep people smiling in this city!

Just a super cool building in Miami

We head down to the corner take a left for another half block and we are at Pincho Factory! I can’t wait to get in there! It is blazing hot out and I need some water.

Toston Burger Review

There are several locations in South Florida as far north as Fort Lauderdale. 10 total with their newest addition in Doral, FL. I will continue to check back and see if they are adding any more restaurants further north. It will definitely be worth going out of my way for the Toston Burger.

Their Story

Here is a link to their website with their story. It is worth watching as they represent the American dream. I love when young entrepreneurs come up with a great idea and it takes off! These guys have taken their different cultural backgrounds and taken that diversity to disrupt the food industry. At least in South Florida. I have no doubt that if they wanted to go national they could. They are currently offering franchises.

Now I am there for one thing and one thing only….. the Toston Burger!

We walk in and it is simple but modern. It is a little before lunch so we are just in time to beat the crowd. There are tables outside and inside so we go in to get a reprieve from the heat. My friends order our food and I sat down to mess with my camera, cool off and get some water. They provide you with a number for your table and you wait for the food to be delivered to your table. You get your own drinks at a drink station.

And it comes out within minutes……

Toston Burger Review
Toston Burger @ Pincho

I can not wait to dig in. It was worth the walk-in 90+ degree heat. The plantain bun is crispy and has a savory seasoning on the outside and lightly sweet and firm inside. Savory and sweet… what a great combination! It comes with its own sauce. I have no idea what was in it but it was perfect for this burger. They call it the Secret Pink Sauce which has cilantro.

The beef here is also high quality. I am a huge beef eater but I am super picky. You can tell the owners are too. Humanely raised and handled meat, all their food is made from scratch never frozen. I would highly recommend you stop by any of their locations and try something. You will not be disappointed!

The Menu

They offer several other burgers and they all look amazing. They offer six burgers all under $9 with most being $7.99! The prices here are super reasonable for the quality of food. You can also opt for chicken as well. The add ons are another patty, fried cheese, a fried egg and bacon.

Their signature dishes allow you to pick and choose your ingredients starting with a base of a wrap, rice bowl or salad. Then you add your meat. Chicken, beef or shrimp which are all humanely raised and hormone-free. Then you pick your style if you are getting a bowl. Fresco, Latin, Chimichurri and Mediterranean. For the wrap and the salad, you have your choice of the Mediterranean, Fresco and California.

They also offer a Kabob. Steak, chicken or shrimp with your choice of the above sauces and seasonings.

My friends ordered for me so I had no idea they had something other than regular fries. I should have known better. They offer cajun fries. But what caught my eye on the menu are the Perfecto Fries. Smothered in onions and the secret cilantro sauce. That would have been the perfect side for the Toston Burger. Next time that will be on my plate!

Have you gone to Pincho? Please let me know about your experience in the comments below. What is your favorite dish at Pincho?

I look forward to hearing from you!

See where we went next in Miami!  Also, check out Miami’s top shopping spots!

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53 responses to “A Review of Pincho’s Toston Burger! A South Florida Restaurant”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    I have never hear of this before but it looks super yummy! I would for sure try a chicken one.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It is delicious! I am sure they can accommodate the chicken!

  2. Nicole Cruze Avatar
    Nicole Cruze

    Never been to Miami and never heard of this place!

  3. Stacey Avatar

    What a fun burger to try! We haven’t been to Miami yet, but we often explore new areas after our Disney trips since we drive. I’ll have to keep this place in mind when we check out Miami some day.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      You will not regret it, Stacey!

  4. Taci -life Beyond zebra Avatar
    Taci -life Beyond zebra

    I totally thought it was chicken patties as a bun at first! Lol looks interesting for sure.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Haha, nope! Pure Toston, which are better than bread in my opinion!

  5. Missy Avatar

    I have not been there but I would love to try that burger! yum

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It is delicious! Thanks, Missy!

  6. Jennifer | Me and My Traveling Hat Avatar

    This place looks amazing! That Burger served between two plantains looks so delicious!

  7. jen Avatar

    well that looks amazing! Yum! It actually looks like there is a lot to choose from on the menu.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      There really is and it is all unique! Especially for fast-casual.

  8. Susan Avatar

    My husband fell in loves with tostones when we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I bet he’d love this burger!

  9. Heather Avatar

    This looks and sounds amazing. I am surprised by how inexpensive it is as well. I hope it makes its way North, like Boston!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I just hope they make it to West Palm! I am always trying to come up with an excuse to go south to get one!

  10. Jordan Avatar

    This is such a unique burger and I love tostones! Definitely will try next time I’m in Miami.

  11. Lisa Manderino Avatar

    I just watch the video and it is pretty awesome that they were able to be so successful!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Agreed! I love the spirit of entrepreneurship!

  12. Keagan Avatar

    Wow that looks delicious. Can’t wait to try one.

  13. kmf Avatar

    Love hearing about people living their dream…this is definitely a new twist on burgers…looks great!

  14. Leanne Avatar

    That looks fantastic! I’m exploring your blog with glee! Keep up the great work!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thank you Leanne! I really appreciate your encouragement!

  15. Kesha Avatar

    I love South Florida but I have never been to the Pincho Factory? I use to take vacations in Sunny Isles. It wasn’t too commercial as I was going for pure relaxation.

  16. Maggie Avatar

    Um that looks amazing! I want one!

  17. Kathy Phillips Avatar

    That looks so good. I live in the midwest so maybe that will have to be on a to-do list while on vacation somewhere. But that looks wonderful.

  18. Monica Avatar

    I’m hungry! That Toston burger looks so good. I’m a foodie so I must have one now.

  19. Dee Avatar

    Yum! That burger looks delish!

  20. Kathryn at Avatar

    Everything about that restaurant looks amazing. Definitely going to have to add it to my list!

  21. Laura G Avatar

    That looks like such a wonderful place. I love the energy of those guys and wish we lived closer!!

  22. Christa Avatar

    This place looks delicious! I’d love to try a plantain bun.

  23. Rosanna Avatar

    I habe Bennett been to South Florida on the Gulf side. But I am always up to explore and love a good burger. Thanks for sharing!

  24. T.M. Brown Avatar

    Well, these seems unique! You have me wondering how it tastes.

  25. Mom Life Optimized Avatar

    So interesting to use the plantains!! I would love to try it.

  26. Tonya @ the Writer Mom Avatar

    Sounds interesting, and looks delicious!

  27. Nicki Avatar

    This looks yummy!

  28. Jennifer Avatar

    This looks amazing!!!! I love the color on the side of the building and the food sounds tasty as well!

  29. Karie Avatar

    Never heard of the pincho factory but I want to go now. That burger looks delicious

  30. Mary Avatar

    You had me at plantain patties! This looks so good! Thanks for posting!

  31. Kristie Avatar

    This sounds like a delicious burger! I love plantains, so the idea of them as the “bun” of a burger sounds really intriguing. Glad you were able to accomplish your “goal.” 🙂

  32. Shirley Avatar

    Than looks interesting! I’ve never been to the Pincho Factory but would love to give it a try the next time I’m in Florida. Thanks!

  33. Dennis Avatar

    I would love to visit and try that Toston Berger! It looks wonderful!

  34. Missy Avatar

    We have not been to Pincho Factory yet. Looks like it should be on our list.

  35. Holly Bird Avatar

    The food looks great, and I love reading about you adventure! Thanks for sharing it!

  36. Melissa Parcel Avatar

    That sounds delicious, I would have never thought to use plantains as a bun, but I love the sweet starchy flavor so it would be yummy

  37. alison Avatar

    YUM! plaintain bun, yes and burger, yes! YES YES AND YES. This is such an innovative way to serve a burger and savory!!

  38. Pam Avatar

    What an interesting burger. I love to try unique foods like that.

  39. Cynthia Mackintosh Avatar

    Oh my word! I’m Spanish so tostones are right up my alley! I would be all over that toston burger! Looks delicious.

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