Flomentum USP Verified Saw Palmetto

Flomentum®: The First and Only USP Verified Saw Palmetto

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Flomentum is the first and only USP Verified Saw Palmetto supplement on the market. Unfortunately, the variation in the quality of supplements is an issue that everyone needs to think about.  The FDA does not test supplements for purity and potency However, they can be USP Verified for purity and potency.

This is a sponsored post with Flomentum. All opinions are my own.

How do you know that your supplement has the ingredients it says on the label, contains the right dosage, and is free from contaminants?


Flomentum is USP Verified Saw Palmetto. I was invited to visit the green-technology extraction facility that offers the only USP Verified Saw Palmetto. More importantly, I was able to meet with the scientists who are responsible for Flomentum. It is located in the heart of Central Florida, where saw palmetto grows.

Florida Woodlands and Saw Palmetto
Florida Woodlands Photo Credit Darren Embro
  • The company is pioneering the ability to track every step from berries in nature to the soft gels in the bottle. 
  • They partner with large landowners who have wild berries on their landowners and manage the journey all the way to the bottle.
  • The principals of their approach are built on 4 key principles:
    • Traceability- a desire to provide full traceability, transparency and accountability of the ingredient source all the way to the bottle
    • Responsibility- delivering a superior science-based product, while honoring the environment and their partners 
    • Sustainability- deploying best practices with the goal of making a positive impact on the environment.
    • Purity- ensuring the purity of their saw palmetto extract to fully enable its proven, scientifically validated effectiveness.
  • All of these efforts above have helped enable the brand to become the first and only USP Verified prostate health supplement.

I will go over the process that allowed Flomentum, to qualify for this prestigious and rigorous certification. The team at Flomentum Health is producing perhaps the highest quality science-based saw palmetto supplement on the market today.

Flomentum USP Verified Saw Palmetto

Flomentum for Prostate Health

What Exactly Does USP Verified Mean?

The USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program shows the manufacturer’s commitment to producing quality products for consumers around the world. The U.S. Pharmacopeia, or (USP), was formed in 1820. 11 physicians came together to protect patients from being harmed by the inconsistent and poor-quality medical preparations of the day.

Only those products that meet USP’s stringent criteria are awarded the use of the USP Verified Dietary Supplement Program (DSVP) certification mark to display on product labels. USP is a nonprofit, scientific organization with nearly 200 years of experience setting public standards for medicines, dietary supplements, and foods.

USP standards are legally recognized in the U.S. and elsewhere. They are used in more than 140 countries. This is an annual process and not something that is taken lightly.

USP Verified ensures the following:

  • Contains the ingredients listed on the label, in the declared potency and amounts. Tests have shown that the contents of some supplements don’t match the label and some contain significantly less or more than the claimed amount of key ingredients. USP Dietary Supplement Verification helps assure customers that they are getting the value they expect from a product they are purchasing.
  • Products do not contain harmful levels of specified contaminants. Some supplements have been shown to contain harmful levels of certain heavy metals (e.g., lead and mercury), microbes, pesticides, or other contaminants. At specific levels, these contaminants can pose serious risks to one’s health.
  • Will break down and release into the body within a specified amount of time. If a supplement does not break down properly to allow its ingredients to be available for absorption in the body, the consumer will not get the full benefit of its contents. USP Dietary Supplement Verification tests products against performance standards.
  • Has been made according to FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices using sanitary and well-controlled procedures. Assurance of safe, sanitary, well-controlled, and well-documented manufacturing and monitoring processes indicates that a supplement manufacturer is quality-conscious. The supplements will be manufactured with consistent quality from batch to batch.
Saw Palmetto Powder and Oil from Flomentum
Saw Palmetto Powder and Saw Palmetto Oil

Analysis of the samples ensures the high process quality and efficiency is being maintained throughout the extraction batch. More importantly, we test all the resulting oil to ensure quality and purity. 

“USP is pleased to recognize Flomentum as the first prostate health supplement to successfully complete the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program,” said John Atwater, Ph.D., RAC, Senior Director of USP Verification Services. “Qualifying for this verification program is an accomplishment that demonstrates a commitment to quality and operating Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality systems for the manufacture of dietary supplements in compliance with officially recognized requirements.”

What Is Saw Palmetto?

Serenoa repens, saw palmetto, is an ancient plant that grows in the wild in Florida and some areas in Georgia and South Carolina. The berries have been used for its food and medicinal properties for 100s of years. Saw Palmetto is used to this day because it will combat symptoms in many men who suffer from frequent urination and other symptoms associated with a man’s aging prostate or frequent urination. But the supplement must be extracted properly to work.

Flomentum Florida Saw Palmetto
Florida Saw Palmetto

The saw palmetto berries are harvested and then processed to extract the oil from the berries.

Clinical studies that have been conducted around the world indicate that saw palmetto is effective in controlling the most common urinary flow problems observed in many men beyond the age of 50. It must be taken at an efficacious daily dose of 320mg of high quality saw palmetto oil extract. 

The dietary consumption of saw palmetto extract is a well-established, safe and effective method of managing this age-related problem in men.

Deep Extraction SuperCritical CO2

There are many extraction methods but none better combine the eco-friendly purity and potency of patented ultra high pressure, SuperCritical CO2 method. This creates a pure and potent form of saw palmetto oil extract that is unsurpassed.

SuperCritical CO2 Extraction Process Flomentum USP Verified Saw Palmetto
SuperCritical CO2 Extraction Process

Ingredients extracted with this method are devoid of impurities and residues which can resonate with the safety concerns of consumers. 

Other less effective extraction methods can leave unwanted chemical residues. They also can damage the essential nutrients during the extraction process rendering them less effective or even useless.

The Process

Once the berries are mature they are ready for sustainable harvesting. The clinically proven benefits of saw palmetto are within the mature berries. This is when the medicinal benefits are the strongest.

This process must be handled correctly and facilitated with the right equipment to obtain the maximum benefits of the oil.

Once the berries are harvested they are dried in a facility. This is an important step to remove and water and moisture from the berry and lock in the beneficial oils.

Once the berries are dried then they are ground and prepared for extraction in an FDA audited facility. This process releases the full potency of the berries to benefit health.

Dried Saw Palmetto Powder Flomentum USP Verified Saw Palmetto

The ground berries are then taken into the FDA audited site for extraction. They are placed under high temperature, high-pressure environment with supercritical CO2 which has properties of both a liquid and a gas. This ensures that the final result is the purest most potent saw palmetto oil on the market today.

SuperCritical CO2 Extraction Flomentum USP Verified Saw Palmetto

Then the clinical strength, pure oil extract is made into a softgel (for human consumption). The entire process goes through the rigorous USP Verification process to ensure purity, potency and manufacturing to current good manufacturing practices. That way you can be confident you are receiving exactly what the label says.

Post Extraction Process The First and Only USP Verified Saw Palmetto
Post extraction finishing of the oil

The USP Verification of Flomentum is trusted by health professionals for purity potency and science-based results.

Flomentum: USP Verified Saw Palmetto

I am really glad I was able to learn the process that supplements must go through to become USP Verified. I had no idea of the quality and confidence I could have in products for products that carry the USP Verification Seal. Flomentum will be the only saw palmetto oil extract we will use or recommend for this reason. Flomentum is a nature-sourced solution that is supported by science. Their saw palmetto oil is responsibly manufactured, verified for quality, and recommended by healthcare professionals.

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Flomentum®: The First and Only USP Verified Saw Palmetto

Flomentum Men's Health Saw Palmetto

*Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**These claims are based on Flomentum’s demonstrated comparability to the leading European saw palmetto medicine. Recognized as safe and effective in the European Union herbal monograph on Serenoa repens.

Always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or nutraceutical. Especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions. Individual results may vary.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any product(s) on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or nutraceutical. Especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions. Individual results may vary. These are from my own experience and the experience of others and only our opinions.

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