Top 12 Must-Visit Art Galleries In St. Augustine

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Recently we visited the top twelve must-visit Art Galleries in St. Augustine with the St. John’s Cultural Council. There are many diverse and eclectic art galleries located in the nation’s oldest city. We were able to visit some of the best art galleries in St. Augustine all located within walking distance of our hotel.

Aviles Street St. Augustine
Aviles Street

St. Augustine attracts artists from around the world. During the Gilded Age, railroad developer Henry Flagler invited famous artists to his opulent Ponce de Leon Hotel. You will find not only local artists that reside in the St. Augustine area but internationally acclaimed artists such as Dr. Seuss and Salvador Dali displayed at the galleries in St. Augustine. You will even find the Masters here such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Jean Baptiste Corot, Pierre Renoir.

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Let’s get started with our list! These are the Art Galleries in St. Augustine that we toured and are listed in no particular order. They were all located within a few blocks of each other so it will be an easy walk to visit all of them in an afternoon. We started on Aviles Street, which has become the area’s most eclectic arts district.

Plum Gallery Must See Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Mindy Colton

The Plum Contemporary Gallery is located at 10 Aviles Street, St Augustine, FL. PLUM stands for Perfect Life yoU Make. The Plum Gallery is a contemporary Gallery offering local and regional artists. You will find a diverse array of work from artists like Thomas Long and Mindy Colton in a multitude of mediums.

Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Thomas Long
GNG Art Gallery St. Augustine Florida
Georgia Nick Gallery

Located at 11 A Aviles Street, the Georgia Nick Gallery features local artists that show their work there. During the afternoon you may see a carriage horse stop by the gallery for a treat. Dubbed the “The Friendliest Little Gallery in Town” you can stop in and see everything from photography to leather works.

Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Aviles Gallery St. Augustine Florida
Aviles Gallery

The Aviles Gallery is also located on Aviles Street right next to the GNG! You will find a cluster of galleries in this area. This gallery was neat because all of the artists are local and they work together as a cooperative. Everyone who displays their art also works in the gallery. It also includes Joel Bagnal, the Goldsmith listed below.

Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Aviles Gallery

Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith

Joel Bagnal Goldsmith
Joel Bagnal

Goldsmith, Joel Bagnal, is a Florida native who moved to the St. Augustine area in 2001. His creations are a part of the Aviles Gallery at 11C Aviles Street. If you are looking for custom jewelry then this is the place to stop. Joel is one of the 64 original members of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. He loves to collaborate and brainstorm with his patrons to come up with amazing works of art in gold.

The Leather Shop

The Dan Holiday Leather Shop is located at 11 Aviles Street. You will find crafted leather works of art. The pieces are crafted by hand by a shoemaker who’s been making sandals in the same classic style since 1959. You will find purses, bags and belts all crafted by hand. The face masks you see in the case in the photo above are crafted from leather. If you love leather you will love it here!

M.G. Furguson Fine Art

MG Furguson Fine Art Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
M.G. Furguson Fine Art

Another favorite of mine was M.G. Furguson, Fine Art. You can find Martha’s work at other galleries but she also has her own spot located at 11 F Aviles Street. I loved her works showcasing the city she loves, St. Augustine.

P.A.St.A Gallery Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida

The Professional Artists of St. Augustine Gallery otherwise known as PAStA is located at 214 Charlotte Street. PAStA is the oldest retail gallery in St. Augustine on our list. Their mission is to showcase local artists and have 16 award-winning artists at this time.

St. Augustine Art Association

Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida

The St. Augustine Art Association was formed in 1924 and is dedicated to promoting artistic excellence through exhibitions, educational programs and outreach. They offer free admission as well as workshops and classes for budding artists.

Cutter and Cutter. Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida

Cutter and Cutter Fine Art Gallery is located at 25 King Street in the heart of the historic district. They represent notable artists such as Salvador Dali and Dr. Suess among many others! The owners of this gallery started with a small gift shop and noted that the majority of their sales were art. Now they compete with galleries in major cities like New York, Chicago and Boston representing and selling acclaimed works from contemporary artists as well as past masters.

Cutter and Cutter. Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida

Lost Art Gallery is located at 210 St George St #1. Victoria Golden is the director and a member of the International Society of Appraisers for over 25 years and has an extensive and impressive background in art appraisal.

The Lost Art Gallery is a consignment gallery that helps estates relinquish their collections which features everything from classical masters (ex Rembrandt van Rijn, Jean Baptiste Corot, Pierre Renoir) to contemporary artists.  The gallery specializes in 18th, 19th and 20th American and European Fine Art.

Sea Spirits Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida

Sea Spirits Gallery is exactly what the name says. Owner Victoria Golden has a deep love for the sea and ocean conservation. You will find fine art, jewelry, blown glass jellyfish chandeliers and hand-hammered copper marlins.

Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Sea Spirits Art Gallery and Gifts

We were lucky enough to run into Florida artist Lorraine Millspaugh while she was working on a piece. She told us how she photographs the birds and then paints them. Because she studies the birds in their natural habitat, she is able to transfer their social and mating rituals on to canvas. It was fascinating to hear her explain how the birds relate to each other.

Lorraine Millspaugh. Art Galleries In St. Augustine Florida
Florida Artist Lorraine Millspaugh

Lightner Museum

Although The Lightner Museum is not a gallery per se, it does have amazing works of art to view. The Lightner is housed in the former Alcazar Hotel built in 1888 by Henry Flagler.

Lightner Museum St. Augustine FL

Today it is home to one of the finest collections of fine and decorative 19th-century art in the country. It will take you a full afternoon to tour the Lightner Museum. I would also suggest checking into a personal tour. The guides have an amazing knowledge of the artwork and other artifacts in the museum.

Lightner Museum Mummy Exhibition

See our entire trip to St. Augustine!

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97 responses to “Top 12 Must-Visit Art Galleries In St. Augustine”

  1. Wayne Avatar

    I was surprised that High Tide Gallery was not on your list

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I am sorry we missed it! What type of art do they display?

  2. Susan Avatar

    I could spend hours in that leather shop.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It is pretty cool! Thanks Susan!

  3. jen Avatar

    Are they all within walking distance of each other? I’d love to know if they do an art walk or some kind of event that showcases them all.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Yes! We walked to all of them! You can check the website of the cultural council to see the events they have planned.

  4. Missy Avatar

    I enjoy visiting Art Galleries. Thank you for putting this list together.

  5. Leeanne Avatar

    We love to bring home a picture from the places we visit done by the local artists so this would be right up our alley. I love it.

  6. Amanda Avatar

    We are planning to go to St. Augustine this summer. Will have to check some of these art galleries for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Perfect! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  7. Courtney Avatar

    I don’t visit art galleries too often, so this was an enjoyable read!

  8. Jenna Avatar

    How neat to see one of the artists in action!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was really cool. I had no idea how much goes into it and it was really cool to hear her “why”.

  9. Lisa Avatar

    So many great galleries. I would love the Cutter and Cutter Fine gallary

  10. Hera Avatar

    I haven’t been here in ages but looks like a great time to come back. We love art and these galleries look fantastic

  11. Stacey Avatar

    I’m so inspired to visit St. Augustine. You’ve done an amazing job of sharing what the city has to offer. I would truly enjoy walking through these art galleries.

  12. Trisha Avatar

    Wow! These are all so beautiful and different! I love that whale in the leather shop. Very cool!

  13. Shirley Avatar

    St. Augustine is so fun and full of interesting things to see and do. I must visit soon!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I am sure you will love it!

  14. kmf Avatar

    One of my good friends is an artist in St. Augustine. I’ve only visited once and it was a much-too-short overnight trip…need to revisit and take in all these fabulous art galleries.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I think you will really enjoy it Karen!

  15. melissa Avatar

    Such diverse art options! There look to be many unique and fabulous pieces there; I think I could spend many hours wandering those galleries!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      We really enjoyed it!

  16. Lori Nielsen Avatar
    Lori Nielsen

    So many different kinds of Art! The Sea Spirits looks intriguing to me.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was a beautiful shop and gallery!

  17. Holls Avatar

    These are all great! I think I like the Leather Shop the best.

  18. Beatriz Herrera Avatar
    Beatriz Herrera

    Nice way to spend a week in St Augustine there is so much to do !

  19. Liz DeFinnis Avatar
    Liz DeFinnis

    This is great! We don’t live to far from St. Augustine. My 6-year-old son LOVES art and we are always looking for fun things to do on a budget! We will have to add this to our list! ❤️

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That is so awesome that your 6 year old loves art. He will love the Dr. Seuss exhibit!

  20. Noelle Avatar

    I need to take my family back to St. Augustine! We were only there 1 night one time, and apparently there is so much more to do and see than what I realized!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Tons! You will not regret that!

  21. Christina Furnival Avatar
    Christina Furnival

    Wow there are so many — with so much to see!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      A lot of great art and artists!

  22. Tiffany Avatar

    Wish I had money funds and wall space to display more art!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That would be nice! I was surprised by how many hours the artists put into their work.

  23. Cathy Avatar

    Great information about these wonderful Art Galleries! Wonderful photos as well!

  24. KENDRA Avatar

    These look great! I love visiting cool artsy places when traveling!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Me too! I can get into my bohemian side!

  25. judean Avatar

    I’ve been to only one of these – Sea Spirits Gallery – it fits my love of all things beachy! Next time in St.Augustine, I will check the other ones out!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Awesome! You will love the variety!

  26. Suzan | It's My Sustainable Life Avatar
    Suzan | It’s My Sustainable Life

    I have to say, when I travel I almost never go to art galleries. These look amazing and will definitely check them out should I be blessed to visit!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I never have before this either. It is really nice to see such amazing works.

  27. Sydney Delong Avatar
    Sydney Delong

    I was really hoping the Pasta Art Gallery was actual pasta art LOL! These are all very cool galleries!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Haha! Just a fun play on words!

  28. Brianna Avatar

    That looks like a huge exhibit, but very beautiful I liked the sea room!

  29. Liz Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t realize that there were so many art galleries in St. Augustine! Wow!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      There is so much to do there!

  30. Angela Sedlak | Mean Green Chef Avatar
    Angela Sedlak | Mean Green Chef

    St. Augustine is one (if not the most) beautiful and interesting cities in Florida. I love your walkthrough of all of these amazing galleries, will definitely be visiting when we are back up that way. Thanks so much for sharing more super helpful info!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thanks Angela! You will love the tour!

  31. Jennifer Avatar

    I like visiting art galleries. There are certainly many to choose from in St Augustine

  32. Angela Avatar

    We love art galleries. Carmel here in CA has a ton and even the kids love going in.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      I love that. So many kids are deprived of the arts.

  33. kim Avatar

    thanks for this information. It’s well written and the photographs are nice.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thanks Kim! I appreciate you stopping by!

  34. Jill DeMasi Avatar
    Jill DeMasi

    Seems like a great idea for a girl’s day out!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      That is an awesome idea!

  35. Sandi Avatar

    I love to spend the day wandering galleries and museums. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Nissa Haight Avatar
    Nissa Haight

    I love St. Augustine! Such a beautiful town to walk around and visit cute shops and galleries! This is a great list!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thanks Nissa! St Augustine is special!

  37. jody Avatar

    I love all the pretty art pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Katherine Wolfe Avatar
    Katherine Wolfe

    That Plum Gallery looks AMAZING!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was! Very contemporary and cool!

  39. Heather Avatar

    I want to see them all! The leather gallery looks particularly interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen one before. The bird painting is stunning as well. It would be perfect in a beach house.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thansk Heather! The leather gallery was interesting.

  40. Lisa Manderino Avatar
    Lisa Manderino

    What a great list! This would be a perfect day to visit them all!

  41. Lisa Avatar

    These Art Galleries are awesome! We are always looking for new places to visit. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thanks Lisa! I hope you make it there soon!

  42. Tim Avatar

    Wow, that is an impressive list of galleries. Great photos.

  43. Debbi H Avatar
    Debbi H

    Such beautiful pictures! I love all the colorful artwork. The Leather Shop looks like it would be my favorite, but they are all beautiful.

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was definitely unique!

  44. jen Avatar

    Wow what a great variety! Truly something for everyone! I must get there at some point… fascinating city…

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      You would love it, Jen! St. Augustine is right up your alley!

  45. Lucy Avatar

    My fiance LOVES art galleries and anything art. I will have to surprise him by taking him one day 😄

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      He will love it then! There is so much to see!

  46. Diane Kurzava Avatar
    Diane Kurzava

    Looks like a great place to visit! I love the fish in the leather shop 😉

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      The leather shop has been a fan favorite!

  47. Cindy Avatar

    That Thomas Long work is gorgeous!!!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      It was very cool! I really enjoyed seeing it.

  48. Holly Avatar

    Wow..this is amazing! I would love to spend a week in St Augustine there is so much to do and your pictures show how beautiful it is there! Love it!

    1. Tricia Snow Avatar

      Thanks so much Holly!

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