The Ultimate Guide to Tybee Island, Part Two

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This is a sponsored post with Visit Tybee Island and all opinions are 100% my own. In order to complete our Ultimate Guide to Tybee Island, we had to break the article up into two posts since there was so much to do in Tybee Island! There is so much history and fun things to do on this island I would be remiss to not mention all of it. Our five days on the Island were packed with fun, history and great food!

Day Three

After a day and a half of getting to know the ins and outs of Tybee Island for our Ultimate Guide, we wake up in our Mermaid Cottage, eat breakfast, and head over to Fort Pulaski.

Ultimate Guide to Tybee Island Part 2

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Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski is a National Park and totally pet-friendly and Bo Approved except in the small visitor’s center. As we approach the island the guard informs us that they are pet-friendly and our tickets are good for our entire stay so if we wanted to come back we would be able to. The park is open year-round and you can do self-guided or hosted tours. The ticket cost at the time of this article was a reasonable $7 per adult and children under 15 are free. You can read all about our time there is this article.

Fort Pulaski not only has a fort for you to tour but beautiful walking trails that go all around the property. We decided to head down the trails first to see where that would take us.

Fort Pulaski was built to protect the shores of Georgia. You can do group tours or a self-guided tour. There were a couple of schools there the day we went headed out on the trails.

We head over to the fort to check it out and it is very impressive. They still have some original cannons and original damage from some battles! They have maintained the fort and its history where you can see authentic rooms of the soldiers who lived there.

Fort Pulaski
Cannon ball damage from a battle

The Original Crab Shack

After spending the morning at Fort Pulaski we decided to head over to The Original Crab Shack located on Chimney Creek during the day. We had dinner plans later that evening there but the weather was going to get cold and we were afraid Bo might have to sit this one out. The Original Crab Shack is Bo Approved!

The Original Crab Shack

The Original Crab Shack is not just a restaurant but an attraction as well. Their tagline reads “Where the Elite Eat In Their Bare Feet!” You can learn about all they have to offer here! They have won many awards from Best Seafood to Best Views in Tybee Island!

In addition to the restaurant, there is also the Gator Lagoon where you will be able to watch a couple of dozen gators living in a beautiful habitat made just for them. You are able to purchase treats for the Gators and use the cane fishing poles to lower the treat right to them.

Two Gators trying to stay warm in the sun!

Don’t worry, the Gators eventually end up back in Florida! The owners of The Original Crab Shack also house several birds that have been rescued and you can visit the aviary as well and check out these amazing creatures.

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Bo is checking out the Cockatoos and Macaws!
There is a marina on sight so you can pull up by boat.

The restaurant has a completely different feel in the evening with twinkling lights all over the property! We came back later in the evening to experience The Crab Shack and their famous food. We unfortunately do not eat shellfish but I can tell you if you do you will not be disappointed! These platters are amazing and you could smell the sweet butter and succulent shellfish the minute your nose hit the door!

The Admirals Platter is loaded!
The Big Kahuna! Taylor’s favorite!
Don’t worry! There is chicken for the landlubber!
A magical evening at The Original Crab Shack

Day Four


We wanted to spend one day is Savannah. It has been a long-time goal of mine to get there but my love of the beach and mountains tends to keep me away from the city unless it is a day trip. Savannah is a city that you just can not pass up!

We decided to head into Savannah when the Tybee Island weather was not going to be ideal. Strong winds were forecasted and being in a downtown area with tall buildings sounded like the perfect plan.

We chose Old Savannah Tours. Old Savannah Tours is Bo Approved! They are pet-friendly and have a tour that allows you to get on and off the trolley at any point to see the sights at your leisure. If you park at their headquarters your parking will be free for the day!

Old Savannah Tours is pet-friendly!

Bo rode the trolley like a champ and enjoyed all of the attention he received from the other patrons.

Bo is people watching on his tour of Savannah!

Savannah of course, has beautiful historic homes, parks and museums. You get the inside scoop on the local history when you take a tour with Old Savannah Tours.

Old Savannah Tours has actors who portray different characters who are a part of Savannah’s history.

The oldest tree in Savannah

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

CoCo’s Sunset Grille

After Savannah, we had to hustle back to Tybee to make it to CoCo’s Sunset Grille. One of my favorite spots so far on Tybee Island, as they offer a wide variety of dishes and CoCo’s is Bo Approved! Cocos has a western view of the Marsh and sits behind a marina. During dinner, you will be able to experience the beautiful Tybee Island sunsets.

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CoCoRita anyone!

What I love about CoCo’s the most is the location! Nestled in the marsh you can bring your fresh catch right to CoCo’s and they will prepare it for you that evening. It does not get any fresher than that! When we come back to Tybee I will definitely be going fishing and bringing something back for the crew at CoCo’s to cook for me.

We started with the CocoRita! The owner recommended this drink and with good reason! It was my favorite cocktail so far on the Island.

We decided to order the Tuna Bites per the recommendation of our server and they were seared perfectly with a spicy Thai sauce.

Tuna Bites at CoCo’s Sunset Grill, Tybee Island

After we gobbled down our delicious Tuna Bites for dinner we ordered the Bourbon Salmon and Steak Lazaretto which is named after the creek CoCo’s is on.

Steak Lazaretto served with a Brandy Sauce

But the ULTIMATE dessert was yet to come! Fresh strawberries expertly fried in pancake batter rolled in cinnamon sugar drizzled with a strawberry sauce sitting in pillows of whipped cream!! Can you say AMAZING!?!? Before I had even finished my first one my husband was finishing his second! Tangy, sweet and creamy does not describe these delectable little bombs of flavor!

CoCo’s Fried Strawberries
It is a love match with Bo and CoCo’s Sunset Grille!

Day Five

Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventure

If you are looking for a fun pet-friendly eco-tour and to get out on the water then Captian Mike’s Dolphin Adventure is for you and it is Bo Approved! You will be taken through Lazaretto’s Creek and into the mouth of the Savannah River. Along the way, you will be able to witness the pristine and untouched areas of Tybee Island as you head out to the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some photos of our trek out to see the Dolphins.

The Dolphin III is the sister boat to the one we were in.
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Book Tybee Island Dolphin Tour Below

All kids must wear a life jacket.
The First Mate is the tour guide showing us all of the local sites and wildlife
Brown Pelicans enjoying the sun
Kayaks heading towards Cockspur Island
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
Pristine beaches of Tybee Island

We were able to see a lot more Dolphin activity but with the waves, it was difficult to get good pictures and hold on to the boat.

A Dolphin Sighting!

AJ’s Grill

AJ’s has amazing views and hush puppies! After our Dolphin Tour we decide to head over for lunch with Bo. You may want to take your bike though because parking is tight!

Fried Flounder with a side of their delicious hush puppies

This wraps up The Ultimate Guide to Tybee Island and all of the Bo Approved businesses! Please make sure your dog is able to handle lots of attention from little hands and wildlife before taking them out on tours and to restaurants. Tybee Island does have many well cared for feral cats and birds that are used to hanging out with people wherever that may be.

Check out this cool sandstorm on our last night in Tybee Island!

Ultimate Guide to Tybee Island Part 2
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