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  • Pet Health and Cooking 101

    Pet Health and Cooking 101

    Pet Health & Cooking 101 By: Dr. Judy Morgan, holistic veterinarian and author of “Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs” a book about pet health. As an aging Baby Boomer, I’ve found myself spending more time doting on my pets since my children have moved out and have started lives of their own. Since I’m a veterinarian, a lot of…

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  • Sunburst Adventures and Family Fun in Clarkesville, GA

    Sunburst Adventures and Family Fun in Clarkesville, GA

    For years we have been visiting and evacuating to Sunburst Adventures, Clarkesville, GA! Sunburst Adventures is located near some great areas in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, like Helen, Lakemont, Lakes Burton, and Rabun, Batesville, and Blairsville. It is an easy trip, about an hour and a half north of Atlanta, and centrally located to many…

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  • All About Bo!

    All About Bo!

    Bo is our newest family member coming to us from a local breeder who decided to get out of the business. All she told me was, ‘He is a love but I am glad you have training experience!” He is 2.5 years old and a real piece of work! He came to us in May…

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