Are Reading Glasses Hurting My Eyes? What You Need To Know!

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Reading glasses have been a part of my life for what seems like forever! I have always had perfect vision until about 10 years ago from aging. From what I have read turning 40 is when things change and the fuzzy progression begins as we age.

According to what I have read, through no fault of my own, everyone over the age of 40 has this issue. A clouding over your eyes lens called presbyopia – farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, occurring typically in middle and old age.

Slowly but surely things became more and more difficult to make out. So, of course, I ran to my local drugstore and picked up some inexpensive readers. Once I even picked up a pair at a local dollar store. I had them laying all over. Not being used to wearing glasses I would leave them behind so I had stashes of them everywhere. Office, car, home (3 spots in the house for my convenience).

Source Steve Johnson

Slowly but surely, I had to go up in strength. I was fighting it every step of the way but still buying multiple pairs. One little trick is to adjust your computer’s zoom to 125%!

I would pick up multiple packs of readers at department stores. They were so cheap! 3 in a pack for 9.99. But was it worth it? I noticed with different brands came a different experience.

From lenses that easily scratched, or I could not see that well, frames that snapped, to sizes that never quite fit right or seemed to be small enough to fit a child’s head. You really did not have the option to try them and it was a crapshoot once you walked out the door!

Then Came the Headaches


After I started to blog, I noticed that I was on the computer way longer than I was when I was working. There were nights where I would be up until 2 AM writing or reading other blogs. Just dealing with the business side of blogging and being new at it kept me on the computer often late into the night. I would have irritation before when I was working. See here how leaving my job was the best thing for my health! But nothing like these headaches happened at work. The eye strain was terrible!

You see there is a big difference in the reading glasses that are on the market today. I started to notice the headaches and achy eyes from late nights working on the computer. Dread is the word I would use when putting on my glasses, knowing that it would not be long before a headache would set in.

Then I Got An Email…. had sent me an email offering me some glasses as a sample, and if I liked them, they would give my followers a discount! The discount code will be at the end of the article for you!

Sure, I would try them. They told me to go to the website and check out what they had to offer. I chose 7 different pairs. I tried to order a wide variety to try out the different types of glasses.

If I was going to write about this, I wanted to know about every type of glasses offered. I wanted to make sure the quality was there for my followers.

I Had No Idea You Could Get So Many Different Types of Reading Glasses!

It was shocking. I had never done research on reading glasses. They have bifocals? Transitions? They block blue light? Reading glasses specifically for computer work? It seemed too good to be true because I had no idea any of these options even existed!

As I had promised I sent over an order for my 7 pairs. I won’t list them all here. But I will tell you my favorites later. Within days a small box arrived with all 7 pairs of reading glasses. I am actually pretty excited to try them all out!

After receiving the box, and I try the bifocal. Not something I could ever get from the “fashion” brands at the big-box discount stores. After putting them on, it was a little trippy at first. I thought for sure these would be my favorite. They will work for a lot of people. But for me, they were not good because now, 10 years later, I needed the readers also to be able to see further. Like traffic and road signs! I need the fully magnified lens!

On to the next ones. I put all the bifocals back in the box and pull out the others. I am trying several pairs throughout the day. Now mind you, I ordered the same strength I was already using. The ones from were much clearer, though. I double-checked. Yes, they were the same strength, yet I could see much better.

The Versailles

Reading glasses
The Versailles

After a couple of days, I realized, no more headaches! You see, I had no idea it was from my reading glasses, mind you. I thought it was the long hours. So here I am at 11:50 PM and my eyes feel the same as when I woke up. I have NO HEADACHE! Once a week, I probably read 40 blogs in a day. NO HEADACHE! Wow! I am so thrilled! These must be my computer glasses! Nope, just good quality readers. Check out The Amos

Reading glasses
The Amos

Every Friday I have lunch with my friend, Alex. I meet her and I am running a few minutes seriously late and I ran up to the table outside where we sit. She asks, “Are your reading glasses tinted? Those are really cute!” I just shook my head no and looked at her like she was crazy. She said, “Those are tinted. I don’t know what to tell you.”

You see, I always wear my Gucci polarized sunglasses or my Costa Sunglasses. Always! I have really light blue eyes and walking outside in the sun without them kills my eyes. Living in Florida, I have to have high-quality sun protection to drive. Well, I guess I never noticed when I ran out the door that I still had the readers on and forgot to put on my sunglasses because well basically I did not need them. These must be the Photochromic reading glasses! I had completely forgotten and never even noticed I did not need my sunglasses. Check out The Amos” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=” (opens in a new tab)”>AmosThe Cerise

Reading glasses
The Cerise

Then there are these little gems. One thing that readers usually do is the earpiece presses into the side of my head. Actually, I have an indentation on the sides of my head, behind my ear, from wearing readers for so many years. Or if they are a heavier pair, they slide down my nose from the weight. So I love these! They are so lightweight and flexible, and it does not even feel like I am wearing anything!

Honestly, I do not get headaches with any of the readers I ordered from The best part, they are 100% guaranteed to make you happy. They have measurements, so you get the perfect fit. Free shipping on orders over $30.00!

The Guarantee

You can shop by frame style or shape, lens style or strength, men’s or women’s. The customer service is excellent. I see where they respond to every negative review and offer to make it right. No matter what. I love this! They call it their Happiness Guarantee!

The TRICIA20 Discount For Your Reading Glasses At

If you order be sure to use our discount code. It is a little more of a discount than the site is offering at the time I am writing this. All you have to do is use the code TRICIA20 and you will get 20% off your entire order!

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