5 Reasons You Need To Visit Noccalula Falls, Alabama

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We decided to drive 9 hours to get to Central Alabama to see our grandchildren. My son-in-law and daughter made several trips to waterfalls in the area and wanted to show us, Noccalula Falls, while we were in Alabama. They considered it the best falls in the area.

The Noccalula Falls was once known as the Black Creek Falls based on the Legend of Noccalula, the daughter of an Indian Chief. She was known for her beauty and character. Noccalula fell in love with a young brave from her own tribe but her father wanted to marry her off to a wealthy and powerful chief from a neighboring tribe. This way they could exchange for items that the tribe needed.

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The beautiful princess ended her life quietly on the falls on her wedding day while the tribe was enjoying the great feast. Her father, who was remorseful, named the cascade after her.

What Noccalula Falls Has To Offer Families

We head out to Noccalula Falls, which is a part of the Black Creek Ravine. I was impressed with the park for several reasons! The Falls are about 90 feet high. You can walk for about 1.5 miles down to the gorge and look up at the falls.

There is plenty to see and do in Noccalula Falls. You can spend the whole day. The train makes it easy to get around, and with the playground and petting zoo, the kids will remain occupied. There is plenty of shade for doing the hotter summer months.

They offer camping, fly fishing, cabin rentals, venue rentals, botanical gardens and much more! See our top 5 favorite things to do at Noccalula Falls below!

Train at Noccalula Falls

Our Top 5 Reasons To Visit Noccalula Falls

  1. Take the train! There are trails leading all over the park. But my daughter was almost 8 months pregnant when we took our trip. The train is great if you have little ones or if you want to limit your walking. Take a ride on the authentic Huntington miniature train!
  2. Kids love the petting zoo! They actually have a lion there which if she is out you are pretty close up! We saw all kinds of wildlife in the animal area. Some were native to Alabama but most were not.
  3. Playground, picnic, and camp. The park offers so much and at reasonable prices. The campground runs along the Black Gorge with tent, cabin or RV hookups.
  4. Mini Golf! For a separate fee, you can also play minigolf with the kids.
  5. Pioneer Village is great for kids to pretend they are living in Pioneer times! There are various outbuildings placed around the property in the Pioneer Village for kids to explore along with the tools they used to live.

Getting Around Noccalula Falls

Waiting for the train at Noccalula Falls

Train stations are located throughout the property so you can pick up the train rather than walk to the next display. There are some hilly areas but I would consider this an easy walking experience for both little kids and older adults. The trails were mostly asphalt and nicely maintained grounds made it a pleasant experience.

The playground at Noccalula Falls
Noccalula Falls
Covered bridge @ Noccalula Falls

Pioneer Village at the Falls

Pioneer Land at Noccalula Falls
Wilson Building in Pioneer Village at Noccalula Falls
Pioneer Village in Noccalula Falls

The bonus is every holiday season the park is covered in holiday lights! You can see they were starting to put up the lights in some of my pictures! 

Fall Decorations @Noccalula Falls Alabama
The gardens at Noccalula Falls, Alabama

Petting Zoo at Noccalula Falls

Llamma at the Petting Zoo Noccalula Falls
Raccoon at Noccalula Falls Petting Zoo
Noccalula Falls, Alabama
Gator Noccalula Falls Alabama
Macaws at Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo
Reptiles at Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo
Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo “Sheila”
Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo
Lion at Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo
Entrance at Noccalula Falls Alabama Petting Zoo

Location and Hours Information


Park Admission

(Regular season: March – October, Weekends on in November. Closed January and February.)

(Prices may vary for special events.)


$  6.00 per visit

$ 15.00/person Season Pass

Senior Adults / Military

$  4.00 per visit

$ 10.00/person Season Pass

Children (ages 4-12)

$  4.00 per visit

$ 10.00/person Season Pass

Children 3 and under



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Let us know your favorite falls in Alabama in the comments!

We did not stay near the falls. We opted, instead to stay on Lay Lake so we were more centrally located to other events we had going on in Alabama. This is a great recreational area to stay in when visiting Central Alabama. We were able to score a great home on Lay Lake on VRBO.

Lay Lake Alabama
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