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My Job Was Ruining My Health

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Stress is a huge issue in regards to our health. A really bad job or a bad situation at your job can have more of a negative impact on your health than you imagined and even damage your personal relationships. As a result, my job was a huge factor in ruining my health!

Below are some of the reasons people start to have health issues from their job and also some of the changes you can make to support your body when you are dealing with the stress of your job.

Stress alone can disrupt your mineral and hormone levels. Stress at work can also cause us to make poor choices when we eat. Outside sources and lifestyle choices that you can control can also be a factor.

Job Stresses Image source Pexels

Possible Stresses from Work

  • Long hours – I technically worked Monday through Friday but had to be available on weekends and was often called by my staff to deal with issues. People do not always want to work overtime and it can take away a huge chunk of time from your personal life when you are salaried and the hourly employees are not looking for more hours. The last year I was there I had to cancel three vacations.
  • You hate what you do – Getting stuck working more than 8 hours a day with either people you do not like or a job you do not like takes its toll. I personally loved what I did, but other circumstances made it difficult to work there.
  • Too much pressure – Unreasonable goals, circumstances out of your control, other people making decisions for your job that directly affect you as well as office politics can all add undue stress. Let’s not forget that terrible boss who is a gossiper and makes uninformed decisions that can be at your expense.
  • You are constantly sitting at a desk – Never being able to move or walk around is actually a real health risk. One time I was so busy I sat at my desk until 2 PM! You need to take a short walk around the office every hour or two to get the blood pumping. Or at least be able to go to the bathroom!
Headaches and stress at work. Image source Pexels

Staying Healthy

Let’s talk about some little changes that can make a big difference in how you feel and are not too overwhelming. Once you realize how terrible you felt before the changes it motivates you to find more ways to feel better. People often ask me what I use.

The Healthy Choices are Endless

There are too many choices and Amazon is full of products and brands you have never heard of. If you decide you want to try the products we use or at least see the reviews we provided links for you to check them out. I will usually only recommend products we use or try ourselves but I will tell you about products I do not use but have heard other testimonials from people that they are wonderful. I am all about transparency so I will always disclose this.

Environmental Concerns

  • Stop all plastic usage. Buy a Yeti and stainless steel straws on Amazon. Plastic straws are being banned now in many areas. Have you seen all the plastic in our oceans? You can now buy glass containers with plastic lids. Consumers are demanding better solutions and getting it. I do not trust BPA free from China. Try to avoid it at all costs. The lids are fine because they really do not touch the food and do not use them in the microwave.
  • Ditch the microwave. The studies are out there. They just destroy the nutrients in your food and leach plastic chemicals into it. If you are feeling a little panicked from this advice….. you need to reacquaint yourself with your stove. It won’t bite you!
  • Buy a decent water filter. It does not have to be expensive.
    • This Culligan filter had better reviews over others for durability. It was super easy to install. If you can afford an expensive system then do it. Especially if you are suffering from illnesses.
    • Berkey makes a fantastic system and is hands down the best systems and most affordable when it comes to ridding your water of lead and fluoride.  I have a lot of friends who have them and swear by it. I personally do not have the counter space since we downsized.
    • No water in plastic bottles. With the exception of a few brands, it is a scam and at best a marketing phenomenon to convince Americans you should drink your water from a plastic container. You waste your money and contribute to destroying the environment.
    • Put 1/2 of an organic lemon juice in your water every day.

The Food

  • Shop the walls. This means you avoid the aisles of the grocery store and buy whole foods that are typically placed on the walls of the store. A “whole food” is an apple or broccoli, meat, chicken or fish. Avoid all processed foods with artificial ingredients. Everyone looks at the nutritional panel and not the ingredients.
  • Read the ingredients! If you can not pronounce it or know what it is, do not buy it. Unless it is a foreign-looking fruit or vegetable in the produce department that you have never heard of, try your best to avoid it. Remember the 80/20. If it comes in a box with a wrapper inside the box…. leave it there. Be especially cautious about dressings and condiments. My weakness. Salad dressing is loaded with sugar, soy and other chemicals.
  • Buy organic when you can. Especially when it comes to strawberries, tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Snack foods have a come a long way in this area. I just found Late July products. They taste better than the other “healthy” snacks and even though it is in a package it can be a great item for your 20% list. The key is not to feel deprived. If salty snacks are your weakness.
  • If you must buy soda buy Zevia. I just about fell over when I found this stuff. No artificial colors or ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. And not bitter! If only it did not come in a can but at this point, I get a soda! My favorite is their Ginger Ale. Amazon delivers it right to your home.  Zevia can be found here. If you do not like soda in a can you can get a Sodastream and make it yourself with fresh juices and natural sweeteners like Stevia.  I don’t have one but they are popular and from what I have heard can save you money over buying other soda.
  • Eat organ meats. Iron overload is a huge problem from fortified and “enriched” foods and is believed to be a major cause of many diseases …. yet we are still anemic. Dr’s keep prescribing iron pills only making it worse. If you are like me and would rather die than eat liver order this liver supplement. It does smell but you are an adult and can get past that. If you are giving it to the kids break open the powder and put it in a smoothie. They will not even know it is there. If needed do this for yourself as well.

Minerals and Supplements

  • Give blood if your blood has a metallic smell to it. The smell may be from excess iron and it needs to go. If you have Lyme Disease or any reason you should not give blood you can ask your doctor to do a draw. Even if the doctor balks just ask him to humor you. Many people who have done this felt immediate relief. Iron conversations are pretty complicated. Doctors are just now acknowledging these issues. If your doctor tries to put you on iron supplements please do more research. There are some great books out there. Taking isolated iron is not ideal.
  • Switch from table salt to Redmond’s Sea Salt. Do an experiment for me. If you have a headache take a 1/4 tsp of good quality sea salt and put it on your tongue and let it melt. 9 times out of 10 you are deficient or have an imbalance and this will cure a headache. I did this two or three times a day for 30 days when I first started experimenting with mineral supplements. I could not believe the difference in how I felt. Learn the difference between good salt and bad salt. Low sodium signs include dizziness, low blood pressure, muscle weakness or a very rapid heartbeat.
  • Add minerals occasionally into your routine. I love taking ConcenTrace Trace Minerals on occasion. Make sure you read all of the reviews on Amazon about how this product has changed people’s lives. You may not get all of your mineral needs from your food. You will want to move slowly in this area. I took less than the recommended dose. Less is more and please start with only one supplement at a time until you see how your body reacts. If you get insomnia or other adverse reactions stop. I only use it occasionally as a booster and it is best absorbed through the skin. I now make my own deodorant from Milk of Magnesia. It actually works better than other natural deodorants and I get Mag in every swipe. There is an article here on how to make it and where to buy the ingredients. There are several forms of good and bad Magnesium. I list those in this post here. Do not take it for long periods of time.  Isolated minerals and vitamins can cause imbalances and are not good for long-term use. Muscle pain or stiffness, headaches, and skipped heartbeats can be signs of low magnesium levels.
  • Do the Adrenal Cocktail in between meals. I would start with this before the Mag. If your Potassium levels are too low then the Mag can cause issues. Here is a link to the recipe. Or you can buy Jigsaw Adrenal mix here. I have never used it but people on the go love it. Making it yourself is far more economical but if you are overwhelmed just buy it. At least it is getting into your system. Its primary ingredient is Potassium but includes whole food Vitamin C and Salt that make it work better. These are known as co-factors. Often times mineral supplements do not work as well and people do not feel the benefit or have adverse reactions. Pairing them with the correct co-factors will help your cells absorb them. Coconut water is another great way to get a potassium boost. Low potassium signs are a hard, thumping heartbeat; thirst; insomnia; or muscle cramps.
  • Get on a really good Probiotic. There is one probiotic I am partial too. Culturelle passed the test and the 80 pack is the best value. You can check out their rating on Labdoor.
  • Get a natural toothpaste without fluoride. Pretty simple. I use Dr. Christopher’s Tooth Powder. Using powder is a little different but if you are not ready for a powder there are plenty of other ones to choose from.
Image source Pexels

So let’s go over some quick tips for getting healthy.

Start slow and low. One new supplement at a time as everyone reacts differently. Cut back on dosage until you are sure how it will affect you. When it comes to minerals it is important to stop if you have adverse reactions. Personally, I only need a booster now and then.

Food Plays a Big Role

If you are eating a wide variety of whole foods then this should not be an issue. Balancing minerals is the key. If you have serious health issues then look into getting professional help. There is testing out there that can determine exactly what you need.

Replace foods over elimination. No one wants to have to give up their favorite foods. Find alternative ways to create what you want in a healthier way.  Otherwise, you will find yourself at Fresh Market drooling over the Ganache cake.

Remember the 80/20 rule. Maybe the Ganache cake is okay this week since you juiced for three weeks. Buy the low carb brownie mix over the regular brownie mix. Try to replace your favorites. Not eliminate them!

Eat a wide variety of foods. We eat wheat, corn, sugar and dairy on a daily basis over and over, day after day. Mix it up and try something new. A few years ago I learned how to cook beets. Did you know radishes taste similar to potatoes when cooked? Explore food!

Activities That Keep You Balanced

Join Facebook groups for support. There are great ones out there! I do not want to be anti-western medicine as it has its place. I have found they are using the same information from 10 -50 years ago as people continue to decline with old science. Now we find out fat is good for you! As a group, they have really come a long way. I am hearing cool stories of docs who are looking into these things for their patients. Nutrition is just not on the priority list in med school but it is getting better! YOU and only YOU are in control of your health.

Find Another Job. We are in a great economy right now. Now is the time to make the move. No job is worth it if you are experiencing relentless issues that are not going to change anytime soon.

Find Outside Activities. One of the things I did was to make sure I had stuff going on outside of work. Traveling was my escape and one of the reasons I started this blog. Now I am lucky enough to travel for a living! Having dinner and keeping in touch with friends or take classes for a new hobby you want to take up!

Unfortunately, I had to cancel three vacations during my last year at the bank. That was when I knew it was time to do something different!

As always check with your doctor before starting any protocol.

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Tricia worked in the financial services industry for 20 years before deciding to divorce the corporate world and start living life over 50.


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