Detox Symptoms and Fasting: What to Expect

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The aftermath of a detox program involves an array of unpleasant symptoms and unwanted side effects. Experiencing these detox symptoms is unexceptional and significant proof that the detox cleanse is working efficiently. 

The mechanism of a detox plan is to encounter and eliminate toxic and harmful substances that have accumulated in the body over time. The sudden expulsion of these unwanted toxins results in discomfort and causes detoxifying symptoms that can prove to be a nuisance but are not fatal or harmful. 

The human body is a complex biochemical machine that constantly undergoes the natural detoxification process. The body’s elimination pathways—liver, kidney, lungs, skin, and colon play a distinct role in warding off harmful toxins and impurities. 

However, the collective impact of these toxins limits the efficacy of the body’s natural detoxification process. Detoxification programs are the best way to initiate vigorous internal cleansing and stimulate the eradication of harmful substances like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, pesticides, preservatives, fungicides, and other hazardous toxins. 

The fasting-to-detox approach allows the body to regulate the consumption of calories and unhealthy foods while nourishing it with fresh fruits and vegetable juices, herbal teas, and healthy detox diets. 

Preventing the body from its regular diet and food ingredients like chocolate, coffee, and other unhealthy and addictive foods incubates withdrawal symptoms which can also be referred to as the Fasting Detox Symptoms. In this article, we’ll address these symptoms and understand how to prevent and treat them. 

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What is Fasting to Detox?

Fasting or Intermittent Fasting is a short-time voluntary calorie-restrictive approach followed by intervals of healthy and nourishing detoxification diet intake. 

Fasting is the core element of a detoxification program intended to rid the body of toxins, lodged sludge, and waste matter, from the GI tract and rejuvenate the rustic bodily functions. 

The detoxifying regime involves various fasting rituals like water fasting, juice cleansing, and bone or vegetable broth fasting. It is imperative to maintain proper hydration and nourishment while following the fasting detox program to work efficiently and provide maximum potential benefits. 

Advantages of Fasting to Detox 

Regular detoxing is a great way to cleanse and revive the body and has several health benefits [please link the fasting to detox article here] like:

  • It promotes a thorough internal cleanse that eliminates accumulated minerals, undigested food waste, excess mucus, and old fecal material from the body. It enhances the detoxification ability of the lymphatic system by promoting the development of new lymph nodes for better toxin filtration. 
  • It promotes the development of new cells and removes the dead cells from the body. It provides intensive nourishment and helps maintain homeostasis, and purifies the blood. By increasing the production of new cells, it also enhances longevity and reduces the sign of aging. 
  • It increases weight loss, improves body weight, and burns excess fat by promoting calorie resistance and consumption of stored energy. 
  • It controls blood sugar concentration, insulin resistance and reduces cholesterol which helps to promote heart health and reduces the risk of Diabetes Mellitus. It also improves energy levels and prevents high blood pressure.
  • It improves the immune system by promoting gastrointestinal health and improving the intestinal microbiome with a healthy diet to produce more fatty acids. This prevents various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  
  • It promotes brain health by regulating gut-brain axis communication and stimulating the production of new neurons. It prevents the risk of many neurodegenerative diseases. 

A healthy diet is a prominent factor of a detoxification regime because it allows the body to remain nourished while eliminating toxins and waste products. In addition to the various advantages of detox, there are some downsides to this mechanism. If not administered with proper care and caution, a detox can cause multiple symptoms and medical conditions. 

What are detox symptoms?

The feeling of discomfort and withdrawal associated with the detoxification process are commonly addressed as detox symptoms. These symptoms occur when the body tolerates sudden changes in the diet and tries to adjust to the new routine. 

A detoxification program, calorie restriction, fasting rituals, and a healthy diet promotes cleansing of the body that brings about various detox symptoms. It’s normal to experience these symptoms because the detox cleanse is working proficiently. 

You can easily manage these symptoms by consuming a well-balanced and healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and providing sufficient rest to the body.

Common Detox Symptoms

The drastic changes accompanied by a detox make the body perplexed and confuses the various bodily systems. The body protests against these sudden changes, which results in several detox symptoms. Some of the common detox symptoms are as follows: 

Acute Skin Conditions

A sudden change in the diet may result in skin breakouts, acute acne, and skin rashes. Intake of fats, improper nourishment, and inadequate hydration are the leading causes of these symptoms during detox. Drink lots of water, and regulate your fat consumption to avoid skin problems. 

You can also use natural and organic skincare products to soothe your skin and prevent the further spread of these skin problems. 

Gas and Bloating 

Gas and bloating are not necessarily symptoms of detox but result from excessive consumption of raw fruits, vegetables, green juices, and nuts. A sudden increase of fruit and vegetables in your diet results in gas and a bloated belly.

The body takes time to adapt, and this problem will eventually subside if you introduce fresh fruits and vegetable smoothies instead of suddenly changing your diet plan.

Reduce the fruit, vegetable, solid foods, and fibrous content of your diet if the gas and bloating problem persist. This will enable the body to adjust at a pace that is comfortable for it.

Detox Symptoms and Fasting

Constipation and/or Diarrhea 

A sudden increment in the fibrous content, fruits, and vegetables in your diet makes the digestive system go through a shock, resulting in restricted bowel movements and diarrhea. These symptoms will reduce once the body adjusts to the changes and the digestive tract starts working correctly. 

Remember to consume enough water to promote proper digestion and reduce the symptoms of constipation. In case of diarrhea, consuming electrolytes and water is also vital to prevent dehydration. 

Brain Fog

Brain fog is caused due to excessive calorie restriction and insufficient sleep. Brain Fog includes lack of mental clarity, spacing out, feeling fuzzy and reduced concentration. 

You can feel this whenever you starve for a long time or do not get proper sleep. During a detox, brain fog results due to insufficient calorie intake, sugar, and caffeine withdrawal. 

Regulate and maintain a healthy diet that includes a sufficient amount of calories, proteins, fats. 


Fatigue results from severe calorie and the nutritional deficiency caused due to severe calorie restriction during a detox. Maintaining and providing sufficient calories to the body is essential to regulate proper metabolism and avoid fatigue and low energy levels. 

Try to get sufficient rest and do not exhaust yourself while following a detox program, as this may result in severe health problems and can also cause low blood pressure and reduce your sugar level.

Headaches and Nausea 

A detoxification method is a form of starvation that makes you experience mild headaches and nausea due to insufficient calorie intake and low blood sugar. These symptoms can worsen when you don’t drink much water and continue starving yourself, as it’s easier to do so on a juice cleanse or water fasting.

To avoid these symptoms, track your calorie requirements by preparing a meal plan and drink 64oz of water while following the detox cleanse regime. 

Detox and fasting. What symptoms to expect


Cravings are a result of withdrawal symptoms of foods, chocolate, sugar, and caffeine. It is a sign of inadequate calories and nutrient consumption that creates a sense of extreme food cravings. 

You can satiate these cravings by fulfilling the calories and nutrient requirements and providing intensive nourishment to the body.

Emotional Discomfort 

During a detox, you may experience emotional discomfort, irritability, and mood swings due to fasting and calorie restriction. These symptoms result from low calories, which can worsen if you are struggling with a healing crisis.

A healing crisis is a state where the detox symptoms worsen before they start to get better. This can cause an immense demoralizing and emotional breakdown. To prevent these symptoms, understand your body’s ability and requirements and follow a detox accordingly. 

Other symptoms of detox are:

  • Feeling lethargic 
  • Bad breath 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Mucus discharge 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • A coated, pasty tongue
  • Temporary body aches
  • Insomnia 
  • Weakness 

The Detox flu-like symptoms are similar to the short-term detox symptoms of the Herxheimer reaction, including sore throat, sweating, nausea, headaches, chills, joint and muscle pain, body aches, general malaise, or other symptoms. These mild signs will eventually subside once the body adapts to the detoxification process.

If the detox symptoms persist for a long time after completing the detox regime, you must consult a physician and seek professional help. Although it is implausible to happen as eating healthy won’t harm you in any way, it is still advisable to see a doctor if you experience prolonged symptoms. 

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, minors, older people, and individuals suffering from medical conditions or eating disorders must consult a professional before undertaking a detoxification program to avoid severe health problems and side effects. 

How to Cope with Detoxification SymptomsFrom Fasting

During a detox regime, the body eliminates a lot of toxins at a considerably faster rate. It is unable to adapt and heal simultaneously at the same pace, resulting in a healing crisis.

The healing crisis is a temporary accent in the detox symptoms that lasts 2-3 days. These symptoms may make a detox seem like a self-harming method; however, they signify that the body is responding accurately to the detox program. 

There are various ways in which you can easily cope with these symptoms. Some of them are: 

Stay Hydrated and Consume Plenty of Fluids

The first step to control and prevent detox symptoms is to maintain proper body hydration by drinking water and regulating a sufficient water weight. Consumption of fresh, salted, and warm water lets your body flush the toxins easily and prevent detox symptoms like headaches, nausea, bloating, constipation, and skin problems. 

Use Natural Supplements and Detox Supplements 

Adding natural supplements like herbal tea and fresh herbs like turmeric, garlic, roselle, and dandelion roots to your detox diet will enhance the detoxification process. These herbs also boost the immune system and promote and strengthen the detoxifying mechanism of the lymphatic system and liver.

Another good thing about adding herbal supplements to your diet is that they are diuretics and flush out toxins rapidly by increasing the amount of urination. They also work as laxatives for better bowel movements and reduce constipation. 

Hot Shower 

Taking hot baths and scrubbing during a detoxification program promotes the better elimination of toxic and waste products by opening your clogged skin pores. A hot shower relaxes and soothes your body and reduces many detox symptoms.

Use essential oils to massage your body. They will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenate your skin. 

Meditation and exercise 

Meditation provides a way to channel your emotions and mood swings and increases the detoxification process naturally. Indulging in some physical activities like yoga and standard stretching exercises will relax your body and mind and help you to better cope with the detox symptoms. 

Plan your diet and calorie restriction 

Prepare a meal plan for your detox regime by adding whole foods, fruit, vegetable, and other dietary supplements in a perfect combination to meet your calorie requirements. Doing this will help you nourish your body without experiencing fatigue, weakness, headaches, and other detox symptoms.


A detoxification program is one of the best things that promote the development of the body’s overall health. A good detox eliminates accumulated toxins from the body and strengthens the digestive, immune, cardio, and neurological functions.  

However, along with providing a good health status, a detox can also cause discomfort and withdrawal symptoms if not appropriately followed. These symptoms are not severe health conditions but a sign of proper functioning of the detox regime, which can be managed easily. 

We have addressed all the essential information regarding detox symptoms and how to prevent them. So, do not fret about these temporary symptoms and initiate your detox diet with full enthusiasm. 

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