Mexico City Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants to Eat in Mexico City, Mexico for 2022

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Are you looking for the best restaurants in Mexico City? Imagine a place rich with culture, traditions, sand beaches, ancient temples, and tasty food—bringing all your imagination to life. We’re here to tell you a country like that exists.

It’s Mexico, officially called the Mexican United States!

Mexico is a Latin American country that is extremely popular for its succulent cuisine and rich history. Some of the basics of this cuisine can even date back to 7000 BCE; these contemporary dishes can create quite an impact on a person. There are many great restaurants to eat at in Mexico City in 2022.

Did you know?

It is believed that traditional Mexican dishes were initially derived from the Mayan Indians, who were hunters and had a diet rich in plant and meat nutrients.

Not only is Mexican food widely loved, but it was also recognized as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO in the year 2010

So whether it’s experienced from street vendors or a fine dining room, there’s no comparison between Mexican food for us. They’re both equally loved.

Now that we know quite a few things about Mexican food let’s talk about where you can find the best of it in Mexico. In this list, we have included some of the most famous restaurants to eat at while one visits the beautiful country of Mexico.

Top Breakfast Spots

1. De Costa, a Costa Plaza Loreto 

(From coast to coast in English) 

Very popular for its seafood cuisine, De Costa tourists have immensely loved a Costa Plaza for a long time. The place serves delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. 

Moreover, this location comes with a lot of charm and appeal. You can grab a tasty breakfast here when you’re finding a place for formal meetings or relaxed affairs. 

You may find a range of seafood dishes here, including sushi, cold seafood cocktails, salads, octopus, shellfish, soups, pasta entrees, and sandwiches. The restaurant also offers a full bar to go along with your savory meal! 

Located in the heart of Mexico City, the restaurant is excellent for breakfast while being suitable for your pockets as well! 

De Costa a Costa best food in Mexico City
Credit: De Costa a Costa

2. Restaurante Condimento Emporio Reforma

If you are looking for a quiet place to grab breakfast in Mexico, let me introduce you to the Restaurante Condimento Emporio Reforma

It is the perfect venue for a morning meal, as you can find a lot of famous landmarks to visit once you step out of the hotel. After having a filling breakfast, you can set out to explore nearby places like: 

Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana) (1.3 mi) 

Chapultepec Castle (1.5 mi) 

Palacio de Bellas Artes (1.0 mi)

Paseo de la Reforma (0.3 mi)

and Zona Rosa (0.7 mi)

All of these exciting places are within walking distance of the hotel. Along with its tasty food, the site offers outdoor seating, a family-style aura that is dog friendly, and alcohol. 

On a busy day, one must be sure to make a reservation in advance as the place is a popular breakfast spot and can be pretty lively, with weekends being the peak times for reservations. 

3. Balta

Specializing in Mediterranean and Mexican food, Balta is an excellent restaurant with five-star reviews and ratings by most visitors and guests. 

You can go through a tasteful journey from the Mediterranean to Mexico, at Balta. The place also includes vegan options for those following special diets. In addition to tasty food, the exceptional view from the restaurant building is a definite plus for its guests.

Specialty: Try the vegetarian chilaquiles and Concha Bread, and you are in for a treat.

4. El Cardenal, San Ángel

With its specialty lying in traditional Mexican cuisine, El Cardenal offers meal options that are vegetarian, vegan friendly, and even gluten-free. 

The wide array of diets that the restaurant caters, speaks volumes about how much hospitality matters to the staff and chef. The ambiance of the place has also been designed to look traditionally Mexican, valuing the culture and heritage of the country. 

5. Cafe Nin 

The Cafe Nin has been highly valued for its range of breakfast options such as Mexican sweet bread, vegan tacos, and vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives.

Soups and chapatis, with the tangy flavor of lime juice, are highly recommended by most of this cafe’s guests. You can also enjoy other services such as table servicing, outdoor seating, free wifi, and alcohol at Cafe Nin. 

Described as a ‘delicious culinary experience’ in a review online, the Cafe Nin does perfect justice to Mexican food lovers. 

6. Lardo

Headed by Chef Elena Reygadas, Lardo is a Mediterranean-style restaurant with lovely food, staff, and setting.  

Lardo serves delicious egg dishes like sandwiches and Croque madame. The restaurant also has a dinner and lunch menu for those willing to indulge. An attractive vintage bar adds significantly to the charm of the restaurant. 

Specialty: Cheese baked pasta and fresh salads.

7. Restaurante Domingo Santo

Contemporary Mexican food with a good view! 

Restaurant Domingo Santo is stocked with delicious food, and you just cannot miss the chance to have at least one meal at this place. The restaurant is affordable, has outdoor seating, and is open late for drinks too.

A good cup of wine after a long day of traveling is definitely worth a shot.

8. Balcón del Zócalo

Enjoy international, fusion, and Mexican food with scenic beauty. At Balcón del Zócalo, the staff is attentive, the food is fantastic, and the drinks are undoubtedly the best part. It is the perfect place for your next brunch plan! 

Best restaurants in Mexico City

9. Pujol

Pujol is a highly famous stop for all Mexican cuisine lovers on a trip. The renowned chef, Enrique Olvera, is sure to leave a mark on your tastebuds with his mole Madre dish. 

The fine dining experience presented by Pujol is like no other in Mexico. The chef also runs another place called ‘Eno,’ which is spread out at different locations and is a reasonably new chain. You might want to make a reservation in advance since the place is bustling most days. 

Must try: Taco Omakase 

10. Cafe La Habana 

Cafe La Habana is famous for its chilaquiles and coffee. The portion sizes are filling, and the food is very affordable! 

The cafe has a pequena menu; you can take your pick and indulge in pan dulce, a coffee, or juice. The portions are comparatively smaller but filling. Enchiladas, the regular, and the Suiza are some other loved breakfast items. 

11. Cafe De Tacuba 

This renowned cafe has been serving its guests since the year 1912. Giving life to the saying ‘Old is Gold,’ the place has roots in Mexico’s culture and traditions for decades. 

The ancient interior of the cafe is an ode to 18th Century Mexico and its history. Start your day with some flavourful savories with Cafe De Tacuba’s breakfast menu. 

12. Reforma 500

Inside the Four Seasons Hotel lies this gem of a restaurant, Reforma 500. Mixing up contemporary Latin cuisines, the restaurant has five individual menus!

Yes, you read that right, 5!

A breakfast buffet is set up every Saturday, followed by a champagne brunch the very next day. Loved by all, this place serves quite a few healthy alternatives of traditional Mexican ingredients of fruits and beverages. 

For the love of lunch

Best restaurants to visit in Mexico City for lunch! 

Best restaurants in Mexico City

13. El Centro

Around Zocalo, El Centro is one of the best spots for travelers to eat lunch at. You can visit the Temple Mayor, Palacio Nacional, or Catedral Metropolitana once you’re filled up with a tasty lunch. 

El Centro’s vast food markets and charming restaurants make it a place of many options to please your taste buds!

The Gradius Deli Cafe is the best place to find authentic Mexican coffee. Next, you can visit Testal that serves a combination of Mexican dishes that are contemporary and traditional. 

At last, Azul Historico is an exciting chain (though a mini one) that changes its cuisine to specialties from specific states every month. 

14. Los Especiales 

When in Mexico, eat tacos! 

Los Especiales is a street food spot that serves extremely affordable yet tasty tacos. The tacos are stuffed with potatoes, fried beans, and salsa that feel incredible with every bite. Tacos Cocuyos is also amongst the popular street taco spots to fulfill all your taco cravings!

15. Churrería El Moro 

A classic plate of churros and some hot chocolate—there’s always room for dessert! 

Serving the best hot chocolate and churros in town, Churreria El Moro is renowned and is a local favorite. Its contemporary and sophisticated interiors are a sight like no other! 

Check out Little Havana!

16. La Taquiza 

Visiting La Taquiza must be on your checklist when in Mexico!

The place serves scrumptious gringas. Gringas are two-flour tortillas, full of cheese and meat, made by grilling. If you’ve got a taste for spicy food, we’d suggest you try the gringas with some spicy Mexican sausage and prickly pear. 

While you’re at it, we also suggest trying the Caldo Tlalpeno (chicken broth). It is homemade and is a classic hangover cure! 

17. La Reina de la Roma

Located in Colonia Roma, La Reina de la Roma has an amazing classic Mexican dish called Carnitas.

Carnitas is made of mouth-watering tender shredded pork, which is stuffed in a warm tortilla to really bring out its flavor. If you don’t want to eat the fatty bits, you can ask for a ‘Maciza’ instead.  

You can thank us later!

18. Contramar 

What’s better than seafood? Nothing! 

An excellent place for all your seafood cravings, Contramar is an institution for tuna tostadas and fish. We recommend eating there at least once when visiting Mexico. 

The place specializes in Grilled fish, Palomas, and good vibes!

Note: Make a reservation in advance as the place can be pretty busy. 

19. Restaurante Nicos

Restaurant Nico is a simple restaurant, and the Mexican Chapter of the Slow Food movement was started by Chef Gerardo Vazquez Lugo of Restaurant Nicos. 

Most dishes served at this restaurant are based on regional recipes, while some can even be traced back to the mid-19th Century, such as the Sopa Seca de Natas. It is a kind of crepe and tomato sauce and cream cake. Another must-try at Restaurant Nico is the warm tortillas! 

20. Lorea

A relatively new place, Lorea brings the efforts and talent of Oswaldo Oliva, an experienced chef from Spain, into the spotlight. 

A sophisticated interior only adds to the beautiful aura of the place. The guiding principles of the site are ‘austerity, simplicity, and beauty.‘ All in all, the place is a must-try for someone visiting the country of Mexico. 

21. Mog Bistro

This bistro primarily serves Japanese cuisine, specifically the Japanese Yakiniku. The menu is short but provides one with an adequate number of options to pick from, such as rice dishes and kimchi, pickles, etc. 

The choice of meats may include beef, chicken, or pork, which is then grilled on the barbeque grill. The place is a pivot for the Asian immigrant communities or others who may want to extend their palette with a different taste now and then.

22. Birrieria Las 9 Esquinas

In the heart of Jalisco’s Mexican capital lies Las 9 Esquinas. It is hands down one of the best restaurants to have lunch at in Mexico!

Though the interior is not very posh or sophisticated, the food speaks volumes to food lovers, both locals and visitors. 

The spot’s atmosphere is cozy and allows one to unwind after a long first day of traveling or working. In addition, many visitors highly appreciate the staff, and the prices are deemed fair. 

23. El Mayor 

The restaurant El Mayor is one of the best places in Mexico to have a calm and peaceful afternoon lunch. The unmatched view only adds to the charm of the delicious food served by the restaurant. 

The place also offers a breakfast menu with Mexican and American classics or even something lighter to go about your day. They also have some delicious & healthy alternatives for those who are health conscious and wish to enjoy a simple glass of juice in the middle of the day. 

What’s for Dinner? 

Best restaurants in Mexico City

Best places to have dinner! 

24. El Mural de los Poblanos 

One of the best places to enjoy traditional and regional Mexican food is El Mural De Los Poblanos in Puebla City. The restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine and has some great ambiance. 

Most travelers highly recommend El Mural de Los Poblanos since the place offers delicious seasonal dishes along with different types of moles and many other exotic recipes. 

25. Quintonil 

Amongst popular Mexico City restaurants, Quintonil, with its executive chef as Jorge Vallejo, gives out a quaint, sophisticated vibe! 

The talented young chef is sure to bring out a personal element in all his recipes while maintaining the authenticity of traditional food. The dishes are made of only the best local fresh produce available at the local markets.  

What makes Quintonil unique is its tasting menu, with dishes such as the Arab tostadas that are rich in aromatic spices and herbs.

The autumn menu of Chef Jorge Vallejo consists of a Mexican Roast Chicken dish that we highly recommend. 

26. Casa de la Troje

A central hub for all wine and food lovers, Casa de la Troje, can be viewed as a hidden gem in the small town of Metepec. 

The place offers a selection of traditional Mexican wines and a wide range of food alternatives, such as fresh corn tortillas or beet-coconut soup. Adding to its charm is that the place has been established in a 225-year-old adobe house! 

27. Rokai 

Rokai is a personal favorite with a highly specialized seafood menu for many tourists. The portions are filling and are a steal for their price!

The dishes are made with fresh fish of the Mexican waters, some of the ever loved ones being nigiri and sashimi. The sushi and soup are also delightfully surprising and full of Mexican flavors. 

Special Note: The place is limited but a must-visit for a person on a solo trip or a romantic getaway. 

28. MeroToro 

Along with its elegant brunch and dinner menu, MeroToro, located in Condesa, also serves drinks. 

Fresh seafood is one of its many specialties, along with other delicious dishes on the menu, such as a poached egg, braised beef tongue, and beans with some charred salsa. 

We highly recommend MeroToro if you’re someone that likes to enjoy a good glass of wine with some utterly satisfying seafood. 

29. Sartoria

Sartoria, known famously for its pasta, relies on local sourcing for its recipes. It is the only Italian place that also has a Mexican touch in its recipes, offered by Chef Marco Carboni in a few of his recipes.  

The use of balsamic vinegar and old Parmigiano-Reggiano makes for a perfect plate of pasta in Mexico.

30. Taqueria Orinoco 

All things Tacos!

The dinner and lunch menus of Taqueria Orinoco consist of primarily traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine. Tortillas and cheese are a staple at this restaurant, and the salsa is just the right amount of sour and spicy. 

The place also serves a few delicious desserts and unique items such as gringas and piratas. 

31. El Vilsito

The best taqueria for Al Pastor, El Vilsito, is quite famous for its spiced pork tacos. They offer an extensive taco menu in a down-to-earth, late-night hot spot with a bustling atmosphere.

The salsa is delicious, spicy and goes exceptionally well with all the excellent tacos at El Vilsito. We recommend you start with two tacos al pastor and then repeat if you like them as much as we did!

32. Asian Bay 

If you’ve got a tooth for authentic Chinese food, we highly suggest visiting Asian Bay. The place is run by a young chef Luis Chiu who comes from a family of restaurant owners. 

So you could say the immense food talent, and its liking runs in the family. The restaurant was owned for the first time by his grandparents in Chinatown, Centro Historico. 

Some of the special dishes on the menu may include Hunanese pork, dim sums, kung pao chicken, and all things Chinese!

33. El Trix

Beautiful outdoor seating, cold beer, and good Mexican food, need we say more?

A quick refuel on a trip is a great idea, and El Turix is just the place for it! The restaurant’s specialty is smoked roasted pork in panuchos.

Panuchos are lightly fried tortillas also filled with black beans; tacos also do the job just fine. El Turix is a definite must-try on your next visit to Mexico! 

34. Dulce Patria 

Working wonders with her talent, Chef Martha Ortiz showcases a fusion of stunning art and delicious food at this restaurant. 

The restaurant’s name translated to ‘Sweet Heritage’ signifies the chef’s inspiration for this restaurant, which is her own country, to give Mexican Cuisine a personal touch. 

All food at this restaurant is creatively handed out, with each dish being uniquely presented to its guests. Enjoy the artful presentation of delicious food at this restaurant owned by Top Chef Judge Martha Ortiz.  

35. El Jardín de los Milagros 

El Jardín de Los Milagros serves indigenous Mexican food, translating to the ‘Garden of Miracles’ in Spanish. 

Located in the colonial city of Guanajuato, the chef makes sure to add a personal element to every item on the menu to make it even more delicious than usual!

Bottom Line 

Multicultural cuisines are widely available in Mexico, but nothing beats some good shrimp tacos and a filling quesadilla for us!

As the historic center of Mexican Cuisine, these restaurants present a wide array of food and cuisines, different from the others, each with some specialty of its own. 

So what about you? Are your tickets booked yet? Because delicious bowls and platters of Mexican foods are calling, and you can’t help but answer!

This article will end with a Mexican Quote: ‘Las Penas con Pan son Buenas.’ It means ‘All griefs with bread are less,’ meaning everything gets better with bread and family! 

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Best restaurants in Mexico City

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