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This is a sponsored post with Silver&Fit. All opinions are 100% my own.

More 50+ plus folks like me are turning to home exercise during these unprecedented times. Silver&Fit’s virtual home exercise program was the perfect solution when I decided to put my gym membership on hold for a while. Finding a home-based alternative was important because, during the recent crisis, I was not leaving the house much.

I needed to find something that would hold my interest with various classes that offer flexible options due to my new schedule. The best part about Silver&Fit is if I miss a live class I wanted to take, I can always take the class later in the day with the replay.

Silver&Fit offers a range of classes that are for every level, from beginner to advanced. They offer classes geared towards older adults,but are still challenging enough to help you grow and progress in your exercise journey. The classes also give you that much-needed social connection if you are finding yourself home more and more.


Balance and Strength Training With Bo

Where to Find Silver&Fit

Silver&Fit offers 9 live classes per day, 6 days per week, streamed live on Facebook & YouTube, making it convenient to stream the classes from their phone app, laptop, or even your TV. Classes start at 8 AM Pacific Time and continue in 30-minute increments until 4 PM PT. The best part is the replays are available that day and are easy to find if you miss your class!

Some of the classes currently being offered are strength training, yoga, cardio, dance, and Tai Chi! My favorite classes are the Flexibility & Balance and Strength Training classes. Staying strong, flexible, and keeping our balance is so important as we age! I find the more I take these classes, my endurance is much better as well.

Be sure to follow Silver&Fit on Facebook and YouTube so you can get notifications of the great classes they have to offer!

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