American Cruise Lines Review – Simple Elegance in River Cruising!

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I have to admit when I was approached about a partnership with American Cruise Lines, I did not know much about them. Within minutes of viewing their website, I knew there was something special here. Most people, when they think of cruising, they often think of huge ocean liners with casinos and shows. American Cruise Lines brings simple elegance to River Cruising!

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River cruising with American Cruise Lines offers something that is a little different. Because you are traveling down a narrow passageway, land and the views are never out of sight. This allows you to experience the various regions on a completely different level all from the deck of your stateroom! Every stateroom has a private balcony!

American Cruise Lines delivers culture, history, and enlightenment. They are the newest fleet in the US and every stateroom is generously sized and appointed bringing you the largest staterooms in the industry. 

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Why American Cruise Lines?

River cruise ships are also smaller and more intimate, making for a much more personal experience! American Cruise Lines offers unparalleled service, where the crew is like family. The crew takes great pride in knowing the guests’ names. They understand and know your preferences so they can make sure every detail is perfect. Guests often leave with lifelong friends and a feeling of camaraderie with the crew and fellow guests.

American Cruise Lines offers an elevated cruising experience on America’s best river destinations. The difference is, they accomplish this through personalized exploration and enrichment programs that are on the ship as well as their shore excursions.

Why is River Cruising with American Cruise Lines so special specifically?

  • The most eco-friendly fleet of small ships in the U.S.A.
  • Spacious staterooms are the largest in the small cruise ship industry – can accommodate from 1-3 people per room
  • Variety of ships to choose from (which also vary in price depending on budget or experience preference) – modern riverboats, authentic paddle wheelers, and coastal cruise ships
  • Themed cruises available
  • All-American staff

The Experience

You will experience amazing views, cuisine, onboard performances and historical sights. There are amazing ports of call from the east coast to the west coast of the USA and even in between!

American Cruise Lines

Southeast Alaska

American Cruise Lines guides you through the origins and rich traditions of music on America’s legendary rivers and waterways. These shores are often home to different styles of music including Country, Jazz, Blues, and Rock n’ Roll. Both onboard and ashore, you will enjoy music inspired by each unique region. You will learn about its impact on the development of the American music industry!

American Cruise Lines

Renowned Destinations Music History

American also offers themed cruises for that history buff! Historians, naturalists, and local experts are on every cruise. There are daily lectures ranging from history to culture and cuisine.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Their team of master chefs offers you a customized menu, featuring amazing cuisine. Each meal is crafted using locally sourced ingredients that support the small towns we visit. They will even work with you to help accommodate any special dietary requests you may have. Open seating allows you the freedom to dine where you please. All guests can be accommodated in the Grand Ballroom.

American Cruise Lines

Open Seating

Every morning there is breakfast in bed and every evening there is a complimentary cocktail hour where guests can gather and socialize. Imagine enjoying breakfast from your stateroom balcony!

American Cruise Lines Review


Special Occasions

If you are traveling with a group of family or friends or have an important occasion to celebrate, American Cruise Lines can accommodate the occasion! They have private dining areas to accommodate groups of 5 to 20. If you need a cake for a birthday, champagne for an anniversary, or help with any other special moments it will be taken care of. You can even invite friends on board to join you for dinner or cocktails.

Complimentary Cocktail Hour

Start Planning Your American River Cruise Today!

Right now you can see all of this and more when you order an American Cruise Lines Free Cruise Guide showing you all of the benefits. Once you sign up you will be sent a package in the mail. Everything American Cruise Lines has to offer on your dream river cruise will be available.



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